Why We Love Summer Smoothies

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In the heat of the sun, sometimes we don’t really feel like sitting down for a heavy or hot meal. Instead, we are more in the mood for healthy, cold salads and a delicious chilled fruity smoothie. Not only are smoothies refreshing, but they are packed full of healthy vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

Peachy Pink Smoothie with Watermelon
Peachy Pink Smoothie with Watermelon

What better way to spend a warm, sunny day than by the beach sipping on a smoothie? These fruit-filled drinks are not only low calorie and healthy, but they will also do wonders for your skin. Believe it or not, you can drink your way to healthier skin!

Drinking a smoothie everyday will provide at least 2 of your five-a-day. All these added vitamins will help make your skin look even better in the sunshine. You will have a healthy, natural glow about you because your skin is hydrated and healthy. To protect your skin, it is recommended you wear sunscreen as well as moisturize daily to lock in moisture and prevent dry skin from occurring. (You might want to read our article on L’Oreal’s new Revitalift Miracle Blur Instant Skin Smoother finishing cream too, so you can look gorgeous and glamorous even when you’re by the pool or the beach).

Another reason we love smoothies is because if you have worked hard to achieve your goal weight and you are happy with your beach body, smoothies are ideal for maintaining your figure. They are low in fat, calories and do not make you bloat after drinking. They make a great breakfast or a healthy alternative to an ice cream dessert.

Here’s how you can make a healthy and filling smoothie:

For an energizing smoothie which will keep you fuller for longer, try blending a small banana with 2 tablespoons of low fat Greek yoghurt and a teaspoon of peanut butter. Add a splash of milk, a little honey to sweeten it up and a few ice cubes to chill it nicely.

Another great option is the Peachy Pink Smoothie with Watermelon pictured above!

What is your favorite smoothie to make?


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