Matcha Green Tea Recipes to Drool Over

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Matcha is made by grinding whole tea leaves with granite millstones. The stone grinding process is done very slowly, to avoid damaging the tea leaves’ delicate flavor. So slowly, that in an hour only 40 grams of tea (less than 1.5 ounces) is produced.

 Delicious Recipes Using Matcha Green Tea

I love Matcha green tea, especially when its in coffee, smoothies or desserts. Not only do I like the way Matcha tastes when mixed just right, but also the amazing health benefits it provides. Matcha green tea burns fat, is full of anti-oxidants, rich in fiber, provides a calming effect, and is a healthy energy booster. Matcha green tea and strawberry Popsicles are the perfect cold treat in the summer time. (source: Fashion Gourmet)

These green tea and white chocolate cookies look good and are healthy! (source: Just One Cookbook)Fun fact, just one glass of matcha tea is equal to 10 glasses of green tea in terms of  nutritional value and antioxidants.

Delicious Recipes Using Matcha Green Tea

Yummm, who wants to make a Japanese Green Tea Cheesecake that you can make in under 30 minutes? (source:Grandma Juice)

Delicious Recipes Using Matcha Green Tea

I know some people are afraid to try using Matcha as an ingredient, because of its green color. But doesn’t it look great in this Matcha Cream Cheese Fruit Dip (source: Serving Up the Skinny) next to the blackberries and raspberries?

Delicious Recipes Using Matcha Green Tea

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  1. Yum, everything looks so delicious! The cookies look too good to be true. The cheesecake looks astoundingly rich and decadent! The brownies with the swirls look so scrumptious. And finally the dip looks so nutritious and plain healthy! Everything looks much more healthy and unique with the inclusion of Matcha green tea.


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