Why Did the Opossum Cross the Road?


…to play in my yard.

A few weeks ago I was asked to share my experience with the installation of the Lutron Occupancy Sensor Switch we received for review. We chose to install it in our garage/shed, which houses our makeshift laundry room. The immediate effects, like getting a nagging house-husband off my back, were a blessing. But over the last few weeks I’ve noticed even more practical features. As many people can relate, having an active toddler in the house really up’s the laundry ante so I’m frequenting our “laundry” room often during the day and through out the week.

Before we installed the Lutron Maestro® Occupancy/Vacancy Sensing Switch, I basically had one way to get into my shed. I would shoulder my way in, knocking my hip/elbow/what-have-you on the frame as I realized, too late, that the laundry basket AND I were clearly not going to fit today. Breathing through the pain and resisting the urge to throw down a temper tantrum of toddler proportions, I would realize about 30 seconds too late that if there were any unwanted visitors in our ‘laundry room’, that I was about 5 seconds away from getting sprayed, bit or scared out of my wits. By unwanted visitors I’m talking about any one of the Skunks, Opossum, Squirrels, Shrews, Crows or Rats that we seem to catch in our yard on a weekly basis.

It’s not intended to, but the sensing capability actually acts like our little shed guardian. Critters unfortunate enough to choose our shed as their own piece of prime real estate are quickly sent scurrying when the lights flicker on. I almost feel bad about it, but they aren’t exactly volunteering to pay the mortgage now are they?

Everyone may not be fortunate enough to utilize the Lutron Maestro® Occupancy/Vacancy Sensing Switch in all the many ways we do, but I can assure you it’s energy saving capabilities and husband pleasing ways are worth it. Unfortunately, he’s moved on from “Who left the lights on?” to “How many pairs of shoes do you need?”. I guess I can’t win them all.

Lutron-survey-infographic FNL (2)

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76 thoughts on “Why Did the Opossum Cross the Road?”

  1. I would install it on the stairs going to our basement. Its always so hard to see going down them, this would be great for that.

  2. This one is a toss-up. It might be my room – my daughter is constantly forgetting to turn off the light. The other is our back porch, where it would be AWESOME.

  3. I would install it in the entrance-way. The switch is a little far from the door and there’s never a time when I walk through and don’t need the light on. It would make leaving easier too since the light will just go out by itself!

  4. In my bathroom!! For some reason that seems to be the light all of the male species in my household has a problem turning off.

  5. i’ll put it where you enter from the house, near the kitchen. That tends to be the place we are most and need most light!

  6. I would put the Lutron Maestro Occupancy Sensor Switch in the hallway to our garage so the light will automatically turn on when my hands are full carrying packages in from the car. The light is often is left on because our hands full so we don’t turn off the switch, and then forget to go back and turn it off later

  7. Definitely in the kitchen. That is the one room where the light is always on and I am constantly having to go and turn it off from others leaving it on.

  8. This is SO cool! I know the half of the house that would be on alert… the side that my boys sleep on! They’re ALWAYS leaving their lights on!

  9. That possum is eerie! I would like that in my laundry room because my arms are always full. This would be so great!

  10. Most likely the bedroom. The wife and I both always seem to forget to turn that light off for some reason when we leave.

  11. I can’t imagine any one of those critters finding their way into my house!! I’ve heard that opossums are terrible mean too!


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