Multi-Task Daily Life Like a Pro with Lenovo Horizon 2s Tablet PC

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Lenovo has created 5.5 lbs of portable perfection with the new Lenovo Horizon 2s Tabletop PC, a refined version of the desktop that is transportable and easily transformed into a tablet. Its sleek design and lightweight durability make it a go to for those of us that need a PC for everyday tasks but love a tablet to tote around from room to room.

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Powered by a 4th Generation Intel© Core ™ Processor, this computer has 8GB of memory and 500 GB for storage. There are 2 USB ports and a 3-in-1 card reader to access files with lightning speed. You can also enjoy integrated Bluetooth® 4.0 as well as NFC to connect to additional devices.

Back up all of your data with the Lenovo Rescue System and never worry about technical issues. You’ll be able to restore all of your files in the event of a problem.

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The dual array mic and webcam with 2 megapixels creates a beautiful image and crystal clear sound whether you are video chatting, watching a movie, or listening to music. The 19.5 inch screen offers a large picture that will ruin you for standard screens.

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The Aura Interface is what makes this computer so unique. In tablet mode this interface and large screen allow you to work with simple fluidity, unmatched by other tablets. Easily access your photos, music, videos, games, and search the app store. The 10 point multi-touch allows you and a second person to use the screen at once. Access your files, edit, explore, and work side by side. Upload all of those photos you keep meaning to print or just transfer from your phone.…with just a flick of the wrist. Download the free Aura app on Google Play, and you can literally shake your phone to automatically transfer photos to your computer. You can also place the phone right on the screen and access all the data from your mobile world.

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With the 10 point multi-touch, the Lenovo Horizon 2s is also ideal for playing games. 60 preloaded apps and multiplayer games offer a variety of fun and educational programs. The kiddies can practice school skills with fun, interactive games. When you finally get to use the computer, try out the multiplayer jigsaw puzzles, Sudoku, and so much more. Play by yourself or with the whole family. Lenovo even has optional accessories. Use the E-dice or Joysticks to maximize your game playing fun.

Don’t let the sleek design fool you, this computer is more than durable. My son seems to think playing means lying on the screen, and it has held up wonderfully to his active play style.

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After you pry the computer out of your kid’s hands to get some work done, you can use the kickstand to turn the Horizon 2s into a desktop or purchase the optional stand. With the wireless keyboard and mouse, you can setup anywhere in your home, and the integrated battery means you don’t have to be close to an outlet. Battery life lasts 3 hours!

The Lenovo Horizon 2s is so much more than work and play. You can literally use this computer in almost any aspect of your life to make everything easier. Throw away your cookbooks! With the lightweight and easy to transport design, you can take it in the kitchen to follow all of your favorite recipes. The Cooking App on the pre-loaded Windows 8.1 has a hands free mode. Find a recipe then with a wave of the hand in front of the camera, you can easily move through the instructions. No need for a mouse or stopping to clean your hands to use the touchscreen.

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You no longer need to limit yourself to a bulky PC or a too small tablet. The Lenovo Horizon 2s offers the best of both worlds. The easy transport, wireless accessories and effortless usability have made this my new favorite computer. My life as a busy working mother has been made easier with Lenovo. I am no longer confined to the office when I need to get some work done, and I can move my portable workspace anywhere my ten month old happens to be playing. I can bring it along anywhere I need to go and access email, web-chat, research, and stay connected with everything at my fingertips. When I finally have time to relax and unwind, I can play games with the whole family.

Life just got a little easier.  

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  1. This looks like an amazing tablet. I have been trying to figure out a good computer to get the for the house and this one looks like a great option!

  2. This looks awesome. Definitely a multi-purpose tablet! I’ve been on the hunt for a new laptop. Maybe I should be looking at this tablet.

  3. You are spot on with size. Medium is just right for me. I can’t see good on the tablet and too big of a laptop is annoying g to tote.

  4. I’m so envious right now! I’d love to chunk my laptop and get one of these. (Okay, I’d hand my laptop over to one of my teens.)


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