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When my son, Hank, was born he was in the NICU for the first three days of his life. He had IVs in both hands, and he had frequent pin pricks in his heels to collect blood samples. Therefore, when I brought him home, he would scream when I would touch his hands or feet. He also had to be on oxygen so I wasn’t allowed to nurse him, and everything I had planned to do in the first hours of his life was taken away. I felt cheated because I didn’t get a lot of  bonding time in the first days of his life.

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When I finally got him home, I didn’t put him down, and I wanted desperately for him to trust my touch so I would give him massages. His skin was particularly sensitive, and I struggled to find lotions and ointments that didn’t irritate his skin. Thankfully, Baby Mantra offers a line of all natural products for newborns and up that proved beyond helpful as I bonded with my son.

Baby Mantra was developed by two sisters, and the products are made with all natural, safe ingredients and environmentally conscious both in the making and packaging. They are gluten free and made right here in the United States with no testing on animals. The all natural ingredients include grape seed, avocado, lavender, coconut, sunflower seed, apricot, shea butter, aloe vera, cocoa butter, wheat germ, jojoba, and mango butter. These products have been very helpful in my first weeks of motherhood.

As I tried to coax my son into letting me touch his hands and feet without screaming, the most effective thing was using the Baby Mantra Massage Oil. He associated touch with pain because of all the poking and prodding he had been through. So to get him to trust me, I would sit for hours with him and massage each little toe and every little finger until he realized I wasn’t going to hurt him. I got to properly bond with him, and the Baby Mantra products were an integral part of that.

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One of the things Hank loves most is the bath. From the first time I put him in there, he was all smiles. Since he loves them so much, I make it an event for him. I use the 3 in 1 bubble bath, wash, and shampoo. It has lavender oil which gives it a nice, relaxing scent, and it helps his dry skin. I take my time and let him kick around as I wash him up and shampoo his hair. 

The newborn shampoo and body wash as well as the detangling conditioner have done wonders for my son’s wild mane. Hank was born with a surprising amount of hair, and none of it has fallen out yet. It dries straight up in the air and has a bit of wave to it. His hair is a bit oily on its own and everyone that sees him touches it so it looks terribly greasy, but the shampoo and conditioner make it silky and beautiful. 

Between the warm water and naturally relaxing scents, Hank is very content in the tub. However, when he gets out, he gets fussy, presumably because I have taken him out of the nice warm water and exposed him to the chilly room air. So I rub the Calming Lotion on before getting him dressed, and it soothes any dry skin he might have. The fresh smell is wonderfully subtle, and it seems to make him relax him once again as I rub it on his legs, arms, and any irritated skin on his botton. I even use it on my own hands. With so much hand washing before feedings and after diaper changes, my hands are very dry, but this gentle lotion is perfect. It isn’t greasy, and it absorbs easily into the skin.

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Considering my son had such a rough start in life, it was important to me to that I use gentle but effective baby products. Baby Mantra uses ingredients that I know are safe, and it is also reassuring to know that the products are made domestically as well as environmentally conscious and cruelty free. It is just a few less things to worry about when I have enough to worry about with my first born.  

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