hAppy Friday: Office Organization Tips

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hAppy Friday

I reorganize my office space at least once every few months and without fail it always reverts back to a state of chaos. I think part of the problem is that I don’t have a true office, nor do I have an actual organizing system. I just keep rearranging and throwing things out until the area looks neat. But with the new year and new mantra of ‘productivity’ I decided to do something drastic and actually organize the space. (I know!)

I tore everything away and then reassembled the area. It was during the course of this reconstruction that I realized two things: I hoard documents and we have an insane amount of power cords/strips/cables. I decided to conquer the mess once and for all with a little creativity, some old cosmetic cases, my Zink hAppy and the 1/2in zRoll (green).

First, the documents. I scanned the documents I didn’t need actual hard copies of and put them on USB drives. 

hAppy Friday 1I then labeled the USB Drives and stored them in a cosmetic case. I love them because they zip close and offer some protection for electronics. 

Next, it was onto the tangled mess of cords. I think I spent an hour just figuring out what each one was for. After that was accomplished it was just a matter of printing labels and wrapping them.

Zink hAppy 3

Because outlet space is at a premium in the desk area I’m constantly unplugging one electronic to plug in another. By labeling the power cords I use every day I save time and hassle “tracing” the cords to their source in order to figure out what I can unplug. 

hAppy Friday 2

Lastly, I organized the documents that I needed in hard copy. I have poor hand writing (a sign of quick thinking, I’m told) and can rarely read my own handwritten file tabs. The 1/2in zPaper allowed me to legibly record what was in each folder. 

What do you think? Will you use any of the office organizing tips or do you have any to share of your own? 


5 thoughts on “hAppy Friday: Office Organization Tips”

  1. I am sooo scared if I ever got a Zink Happy. I think my entire house would be labeled. But glad it is helping you at least organize one thing.

  2. I can relate. I recently moved some furniture around in the living room. It was such a pain dealing with the cords figuring out which cord went to which device.


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