Two Easy, Make-Ahead Olive Appetizer Recipes

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I’m always on the lookout for easy appetizer recipes, specifically those that can be made ahead. One of my favorite ingredients are Olives. They’re a must have on my pizza (with bacon!) and it turns out they’re featured in some really great appetizers too. Both my daughter and I enjoy them straight of the jar but I especially love the saltiness green olives add to recipes, but make sure you turn over that jar or tin and look for the ‘Olives From Spain‘ logo for the best olives.

Pecan Olive Balls

Pecan Olive Balls 

Serving Size: 25 Balls 

1 (8oz) package cream cheese, softened
1/2 (7oz) jar pimento-stuffed green olives
1/4 tsp seasoned salt
3/4 cup chopped pecans

Mix together cream cheese, seasoning salt and 2 tablespoons of juice from the olive jar until well blended. Refrigerate for 30 minutes until firm.

Once firm, pack cream cheese mixture around the outside of each olive until it’s concealed.
Roll each olive ball in the chopped pecans and return to the refrigerator to chill.

Serve the Pecan Olive Balls cut in half and arranged on a chilled serving dish. 

This recipe was originally found at AllRecipes

Black Olive and Bean Dip

Black Olive Bean Dip

1 (16oz) can refried beans
1 (16oz) container sour cream
1 (16oz) jar salsa
1 (6oz) can sliced black olives, drained
2c shredded Cheddar cheese

Warm refried beans on stove top or microwave. Spread as your base layer in your serving dish. Add a layer of sour cream, followed by salsa. Top with cheddar cheese and black olives. You can add other ingredients to this dish like onions, lettuce or even peppers but I like to keep it simple with the olive garnish.  

This month, Olives from Spain will head to Miami for the country’s premiere food festival. If you are lucky enough to attend the renowned South Beach Wine and Food Festival, be sure to stop by the Olives from Spain station to sample some tasty bites. The event is expecting approximately 18,000 attendees. 


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