One Powerful Family is Gearing Up for a Super Good Time

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Got your super suit ready? Is the Elasticycle gassed-up and ready to go? The world’s most incredible super family is coming to your home this fall, with the DVD release of Pixar’s “The Incredibles 2” on November 6th, so prepare yourselves! Super Moms, Super Dads, Super Kids, and mutating Super Babies alike: get ready for a wild ride through the streets and subway tunnels of Municiberg as you battle a brand-new breed of super-villain.

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Screenslaver is on the loose and wreaking havoc. This anonymous tech-wielding super genius is controlling the minds and hearts of the innocent citizens of Municiberg, and someone needs to step in. The Supers have been outlawed, but what’s gone is not yet lost – perhaps Supers can rise to the top again and regain their place as heroes of the city? Seems like it’s time for the world’s greatest super family to step out of hiding and back into the spotlight, led by none other than Mr. Incredible himself, right?! Wrong. Stand aside, boys, and let Mom handle this one. This fall, it’s Helen Parr to the rescue, clever patriarch and spectacularly stretchy super girl. Called back to the spotlight by telecommunications mogul and big-time Super-fan Winston Deavor, it’s the Incredi-Mom’s turn to stop Screenslaver, save Municiberg, and bring appreciation and recognition back to citizen-saving Supers across the globe. Can Mrs. Incredible, a.k.a. Elastigirl, rise to the occasion, bring Supers back into action, and still make it home in time for dinner?

Meanwhile, Super Dads, your job is no less interesting. This fall, you’ll join your favorite Super Dad as he battles the ferocious evils of teen dating and grapples with the menacing chaos of math homework. It’s Bob Parr’s turn to master his greatest challenge yet – his own children – in a parenting toss-up that’s as epic and hair-raising as a clash with The Underminer himself! Teenage hormones are raging as Violet Parr contends with her first real date, while Dash Parr seems able to handle it all…except sitting still long enough to make it through his algebra homework. And what’s up with Jack-Jack? The youngest Super has yet to reveal the full extent of his mutating abilities, but one thing’s for sure: no one in the house (including a mischievous raccoon) is safe from his wrath once glowing, goblin Jack-Jack decides to exact some justice. When you’re the strongest man alive but parenting your children has got you all worn out, what’s a Super to do?

With the chaos caused by Screenslaver that’s wreaking havoc across the city, and the stress of domestic life leaving Mr. Incredible a little frayed, “The Incredibles 2” shows us that maybe, at the end of the day, it’s up to our kids to see the writing on the wall and to the right the ship in a super way. When all seems beyond repair, it’s Violet, Dashiell, and even little Jack-Jack to the rescue, wielding force-fields, mutating, and super-sprinting their way into action when the Supers of the world (including their parents!) need it most. Mom, Dad, take a break: this fall, let your super kids take the reins. With the help of some seriously super-supportive friends, like the affable yet icy “Frozone,” and the queen of Super fashion herself, Ms. Edna Mode, The Incredible kids are blasting back into action and bringing some much-needed change to Municiberg (and to their own family) in a major way.

Super Moms, Super Dads, and Super Kids: this fall, get excited to bring “The Incredibles 2” into your home! You can relive the excitement and spend time together watching one super family remind us all who in our lives matters most. The power of family is coming to you, so pull on your super suit, break out the popcorn and get prepared for some incredible family fun.

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