A Junior Fashionista Spring Wardrobe for Under $150!

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This gorgeous girl makes my world a crazy, busy, enlightening, delightful, dramatic and imaginative place. I’ve had the infinite pleasure of spending countless hours watching her grow into a the little young woman she is becoming. She turns five this Friday and I can already see so much of the woman she will be one day.

She is gentle but strong; kind and compassionate, refreshingly honest and her mind never stops.  Her most favorite day is one that ends with her wrapping her arms around me and reverently whispering “That was the best day ever mom. I love you.” 


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On her very special 5th birthday this year she will be spending it 1300 miles away with her family in Michigan, so I wanted to celebrate a little early with the ultimate Mother/Daughter day. I love these “girl days” because my precocious preschooler turns into a little woman for the day. My heart melts as I watch her mimic me, as I see some of my best qualities reflected in her.  

On this particular day we were headed to the mall. She had an OshKosh gift card burning a hole in her pocket and couldn’t wait to shop! We’ve been shopping their classically cute styles since before she was born but in the last couple of years she has started doing her own shopping. Its luck that her birthday coincides with the beginning of spring so it’s always the perfect time to spruce up her wardrobe with lighter, brighter colors, fun patterns and prints.  

We arrive at the store on a drizzly Florida day, perfect for spending time inside. Immediately her little body weaves in between the racks pointing out this and that. Oohing and aahing over the items that catch her eyes and the dress rack is always the first. She has two staunch criteria: they must be poofy or they must be long. “I was thinking a long dress, one that covers my feet.” Both are found.

Then its off to the bathing suits because she has been dying for one since we moved into a house with a pool. Finally, we fill out the wardrobe with more tops, even more dresses, a pair of jeans for the occasional chilly day and a cardigan (like mom). Last but not least we admire the shoes, rows and rows of shoes. Shoes and dresses are her kryptonite and as we check out they overwhelm the shopping bag.OshKosh Spring Wardrobe

She spent her gift card and then some but with 50% off almost the entire store PLUS an OshKosh Coupon worth 25% off a purchase of $30 we scored an awesome deal. We ended up getting 10 pieces to mix and match for less than $150.  But even better than the awesome deals and fun clothes, was the moment she wrapped shopping bag laden arms around me and whispered “Best. Day. Ever. I love you mom.” 


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  1. I love Osh Kosh. htey are a great example of a brand that has lasted for a really long time because they make excellent clothes at a great price point.


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