5 Reasons Online Doctors Visits Are Actually Bearable

I sit in a stiff hospital chair watching the second hand tick down. I notice the way the force of the second hand causes the arm to bounce back slightly as if, like me, it’s barely pushing through this day. Sleepless nights will do that for you. Across from me a toddler swipes his hand across the back of his nose leaving a trail of mucus from knuckles to elbow. A not-so-distant cough rattles in my ears and faintly echoes off the sterile white walls.

I think about the way my daughter’s already compromised immune system is being attacked by the millions of germs contained in this capsule of a waiting room. No amount of antimicrobial in the world could combat this. We sit and we wait, so that a professional can tell me what I already know and prescribe me the antibiotics and allergy meds necessary to combat this acute sinusitis caused from a particularly bad allergy flair up.  It happens any time the pollen count catches off us guard. 

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How often does that happen to us? We come to know our children, to know what’s wrong. We just need certified medical professional to confirm so that we can get the medication we need. So here we sit wait and waiting as the germ invaders march toward us to beat of each cough and sneeze and sniffle.

“No MORE!” I scream as I lead the charge out of the waiting room and down the street; an army of parents and children behind me. Wait, what? No. The last part didn’t happen. Mostly. I did find a better a solution though.  Telehealth.

American Well offers immediate, live online visits—day or night for conditions like minor illnesses and injuries, general health and wellness concerns, prescription refills, and chronic condition management  — and all from the comfort of my home. They’re not meant to replace traditional doctors office but instead enhance it.

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5 Reasons Online Doctors Visits Are Actually Bearable

They’re Always Available

You can get a live doctor 24/7. Question in the middle of the night? Answered.  Nagging feeling you know what’s wrong? Get it confirmed, or find out it may be something else entirely! Too many google searches and you’re convinced you have the plague? Let a doctor calm your fears. 

It’s Quick

There are no waiting rooms at American Well. Instead you can opt for a text message when your provider is available to see you. Then just hop on the American Well App or website for a chat. Most appointments are just 10 minutes long because all of your medical history has already been reviewed – no need to wait around while the doctor is educated on your case. 

Board Certified Doctors

They’re real board certified doctors. They can diagnose, treat, and even write prescriptions. For instance, after a review of my daughters medical history, a look into her throat, eyes and a quick chat with her, Dr. Teresa Myers was able to recommend (and even prescribe, if necessary) a Zyrtec prescription for my daughters seasonal allergies. 

It’s Personable

As a mom, I loved having a doctor have the time to listen to my concerns, quickly confirm what I already suspected and have us on our way. Unlike a doctors office visit Dr. Myers wasn’t rushed off to the next patient. In fact, she was even able to extend our visit when we ran out of time. She also offered a variety of suggestions to help control the symptoms including:

  1. Antihistamines such as Zyrtec. For eye itching use over-the-counter Zaditor eye drops, for nasal congestion start Flonase nasal spray 1 spray once daily. 
  2. Handouts regarding identifying and avoiding allergy triggers.
  3. Sleep with head/chest elevated for better drainage.

They Work In Conjunction With Primary Care Doctors

In addition to receiving detailed notes you can have sent to your primary care physician, in most cases American Well physicians recommend that you follow up with your primary care doctor. For instance, in Maddilyn’s case it was recommended that we see primary care provider this week and possibly obtain a referral to allergist if she does not improve. 

The beauty of it all is that I accomplished an entire appointment without leaving my home, without introducing my healthy child to an army of germs, and without paying an arm and a leg for an office, or worse, ER visit. 

You can try American Well for $1 using code MOMSQUAD.


Compensation was provided by American Well via MomTrends.  The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions of American Well or Momtrends

11 thoughts on “5 Reasons Online Doctors Visits Are Actually Bearable”

  1. Hmm I didn’t know anything like this was available. But it definitely seems like something that makes sense for the world we’re in now. Nice!

  2. Ashley! Thank you for sharing this – giving the points and a positive experience – I also hate going to the Doctor’s office – always a long boring wait around others that may be sick -this is sounding so much better!

  3. I’ve never heard of this before, but it sounds perfect! And like a much better solution for minor illnesses than the ER or an urgent care clinic.

  4. I am sure it has to be better then sitting in an office waiting room–but I really can not see that a doc there can know your child’s history any faster then a doc in an office. They have to read the same amount of info!

  5. Chronic ear infections are a problem for my kiddos. I know exactly what to look for, but still need to bring them in for a prescription for each one. I look around the waiting room & wonder what they’ll catch next! Bringing them into a doctor’s office is almost more dangerous! This is fabulous resource for parents.


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