Unique Wedding Party Gifts

10 Unique Wedding Party Gifts

Aside from the Bride and Groom, the bridal party are some of the most important people at the party. They’re the ones who you couldn’t imagine celebrating your big day without. My bridal party consist of friends old and new … Read more

bride jumps with bridesmaids

10 Ideas for Really Fun Bridesmaid Photos

Here are some really fun ideas for bridesmaid photos so you can capture and show off just how much your besties mean to you. Your girlfriends have been by your side when you’re at your best and your worst and … Read more

funny bbridal party photos running from sea monster

15 Fun and Original Wedding Party Photos

When planning your wedding, how much thought do you put into your wedding party photos? Do you have an idea of what you want in your photos, or do you trust your photographer to capture the personalities of the groomsmen … Read more

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10 Best Wedding Photo Ideas Ever?

I love when a wedding photographer is able to capture the wedding so well, that not only are the bride and groom’s personality reflected, but you feel as if you were at the wedding yourself. Today, many brides to be … Read more

15 Unique DIY Wedding Favors

15 Unique DIY Wedding Favors

How do you spend less money on your wedding and more on your honeymoon? (and still make it the day from your dreams) Right now with a struggling economy, more couples are choosing to do as much of their wedding … Read more

I Heart UnMatched Bridesmaid Dresses

I Heart UnMatched Bridesmaid Dresses

Have I ever told you my wedding was a disaster? Don’t get me wrong, there was a lot of love there and my family made it so special. However, about 8 months before my wedding we found out that we … Read more