wedding hairstyles with flowers 10 Beautiful Wedding Hairstyles with Flowers

10 Beautiful Wedding Hairstyles with Flowers

Looking for inspiration ideas on how to wear your hair on your big day? Wedding hairstyles with flowers can be simple, elegant, casual, fun, romantic and flirty. They can make a beautiful statement or just help to add texture and … Read more

floppy beach hat - - 5 Healthy Summer Skincare Tips

5 Healthy Summer Skincare Tips

While it’s essential to care for your skin year-round, our skin needs change along with the season. Even if you’re living in a beachside climate, the weather still fluctuates during the cooler months, and your skin needs time to adjust … Read more

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Transitioning Our Routines For Fall and Winter

Sure, you may already be ahead of the pack and are ready with some fabulous fall hairstyles you’re going to start rocking any day now, but most people don’t realize just how many areas of their life need transitioning between … Read more

2013 Fall Hair Styles

Five Fabulous Fall Hair Styles

Cool weather is coming and while I’m swapping out my flip flops for riding boots and skirts for leggings, I’m also swapping out the beach curls for some cool weather hair styles. In our house, fall brings the beginning of … Read more

DIY mary poppins costume from your closet

How to Make an Awesome DIY Mary Poppins Costume

Wouldn’t it be great if we all had a Mary Poppins in our life? Someone who makes the kids enjoy doing their chores and sing Super-Cala-Fragilistic-Expialidocious while whipping up a delicious dinner. Ahh, the life. Originally released in 1964, “Mary Poppins” … Read more

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40 Things to Avoid After 40

“Growing old is like being increasingly penalized for a crime you haven’t committed.” – Anthony Powell Unfortunately, we must all age. Some do it more gracefully than others, but one of the worst things you can do is cling to … Read more

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8 Tips for How to Tame Curly Hair

Do you have curly hair? Have you spent most of your life trying to figure out the secret trick to making your hair more manageable? Do you have a cupboard full of abandoned products that have only been used once? … Read more


Star Wars: Let the Fun Begin

Star Wars is finally upon us and for the next few weeks media coverage will only intensify. But the mood was light and playful at the official Star Wars press conference, with the word fun on everyone’s lips. First though, … Read more