15 Fun and Original Wedding Party Photos

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When planning your wedding, how much thought do you put into your wedding party photos? Do you have an idea of what you want in your photos, or do you trust your photographer to capture the personalities of the groomsmen and bridesmaids?

Unless your wedding photographers are personal close friends, it’s best to help them out by showing them the type of wedding pictures you hope they will capture for you. Not only will they thank you, but you’re much less likely to be disappointed by giving them some guidance.

I love looking at some of the fun and original wedding part photos on Pinterest, Facebook, and really all over the internet for inspiration. Here are a few of our favorites.

Fun Wedding Party Photo Ideas

I wonder if the bride was taking batting practice before or after her wedding, and is she wearing heels or cleats under her gown?

I had some fun at a friend’s wedding last year and took the following two photos with the groomsmen while the “real” photographer was doing family shots.

I think these turned out great!

wedding party photos 2
wedding party photos 1

Marriage is often a ride, it goes up and down, and sometimes round and round like a carousel.

Fun and Original Wedding Party Photos
Source: True Photography

Beach weddings are usually full of photos on the beach, this party posed with a building on the pier, and the colors pop!

Fun and Original Wedding Party Photos
Source: True Photography

Groomsmen have usually been through a lot together. They’ve shared laughter, rides, and in this case, a very large drink!

Almost all of the photos from this wedding are packed with fun poses, and great colors.

I love the look on the guy’s face on the right, he’s like, is the photographer serious?

When a snow storm hits during the photo shoot, make the best of it like these groomsmen did. Cheers!

I’m not sure how safe this was, but one of the most original bridal party photos I’ve come across.

Let’s reflect on today’s ceremony.

You can’t buy love, but you can display it.

Fun and Original Wedding Party Photos
Source: Vancity

Are these groomsmen burying the past or helping the groom dig out of a hole?

Here are a few fun bridal party photos from my own wedding

fun bridal party photo groomsmen playing with coconuts

Boys playing with nuts? If you’re wondering what the deal with Where’s Waldo, our son was really into finding Where’s Waldo in books at the time and we thought it would be fun to incorporate him into a bunch of our wedding photos.

Jake was amazing as Waldo and we love that he took his job very seriously, getting in on both posed and candid shots completely on his own. It was pretty amazing!

fun bridal party photo groomsmen carrying parasols

Real men carry parasols. Honestly, I think the flower boys are the best part of this bridal party photo.

fun bridal party photo thor parody

I’m a big fan of the Marvel movies and thought it would be fun to parody Thor by blasting the boys with my bridal powers.

funny bridal party photos running from sea monster

My wedding photographers kind of looked at me funny when I said I wanted a shot of everyone running for their lives but I think this “sea monster crashes wedding” photos turned out great.

Again, the boys win on acting skills. And Waldo, what can I say. Perfect as usual!

Which bridal party photo is your favorite? Do you think it’s better to take the wedding party photos before or after the ceremony?

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