Sea Life Aquarium LEGOLAND: A Wondrous Discovery

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Sea Life Aquarium 2

Inside California’s LEGOLAND is a hidden gem. A great place to get out of the sun, away from the heat and down to the deepest depths of the ocean. My family and I had an amazing time at the LEGOLAND SEA LIFE Aquarium. (I was invited to experience LEGOLAND California and Sea Life Aquarium with my family at no charge to me in order to share my experience with you. All opinions remain my own.) Keeping with the LEGOLAND theme, the aquarium incorporated over 70 LEGO Models of fish, divers, corals and more on our voyage through the ocean. Among the LEGO models you’ll find over 5,000 creatures in the aquarium including sharks, rays, seahorses, clownfish & octopus!

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Sea Life Aquarium 4

Along the way there are play zones, fun facts, and quizzes designed especially for kids. Kids can poke their heads into viewing bubbles inside the tanks and walk underneath sharks. We even discovered the Lost City of Atlantis through a 35 foot long tunel with a 200,000 gallan ocean display featuring sharks, tropical fish and rays. In the Octopus’ Garden there were more than a few eight-armed friends waiting to greet us.

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Things get really interesting if you’re able to catch one of the daily dives, feedings or shows.  There are interactive viewing theaters and lots of hungry fish – you can even learn how the fish are trained to eat. But one of the coolest shows is the Daily Dive at 10:30 a.m. There you can talk and ask questions to the underwater diver while you watch the fish eat.

Sea Life Aquarium 12

One of the most fun and interactive features of SEA LIFE was the Zone Touch Pool. Everything in the Touch Pool is safe to handle and experts were available to show us how. Whistler was able to hold a crab and a live sea star too. There were so many shelled creatures to see and learn about.

Sea Life Aquarium 5

Fun Fact:Sea stars have no brains and no blood. Their nervous system is spread through their arms and their “blood” is actually filtered sea water

I could have sat with the Moon Jellies for hours with a good book. These Jelly fish are breathtakingly beautiful and almost seemed to change color in the light. It was almost graceful the way they float along the current. On second thought, they could have put me to sleep – in a good way.

Fun Fact: Moon Jelly’s (scientific name Aurelia aurita) only live about 6 months in the wild!

Sea Life Aquarium 1

Sea Life Aquarium 13

Sea Life Aquarium 11

At Kingdom of the Seahorse we learned so many interesting facts! For instance, even though seahorses reproduce every 3 months they’re endangered in the wild. And did you know..the male seahorses give birth to the young? It’s true! The famale lays her eggs in his pouch and they stay there until they hatch.

It was this mix of beauty, fun lego creatures and interesting facts that kept us in the Aquarium for hours. Who knew there was so much to learn?
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Sea Life Aquarium 7

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