Family Fun Day at Legoland California

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One of my favorite ways to spend the day is a Family Fun Day. On our last adventure, we packed up the car and headed to LEGOLAND California. (I was invited to experience LEGOLAND California with my family at no charge to me in order to share my experience with you. All opinions remain my own. ) Home to more than 60 rides, shows and attractions, LEGOLAND is every LEGO lovers dream. But what we loved most about LEGOLAND is that there are so many things to do for the 36″ and under crowd! In fact, there are over 31 rides and attractions made just for kids 36″ and under.

DUPLO Village is specifically geared towards the younger guest with fun buildings, slides, activities and more. It also allows them to venture into the Wilds of Africa to see life-sized giraffes, zebras, lions and more – all made of LEGO bricks.

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It even has rides like Fairytale Brook,

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and Safari Trek which have no minimum height requirements if accompanied by an adult.

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NOTE: on all rides where an adult must accompany, there is a rule of one adult and one child per ride. So if you have say 3 adults and 1 child, one adult can ride with the child and the two remaining adults had to ride SEPARATELY.

If alone, the height requirements are only 34″ – 36″! Also note that if you happen to have more kids that require chaperones than adults (ie a mother with 2 young children), you can take advantage of a program where the adult can ride with one child while the other waits at the front of the line. Immediately upon return, the adult can ride with the second child without waiting in line again.

Skipper School is one of the parks most popular rides and Whistler really enjoyed this one. Children and adults can maneuver their own LEGO® boat and look out for LEGO brick characters along the way. Both Whistler and Papa could ride together.

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We also really enjoyed the other fun rides like Sky Patrol,

Legoland California 21

Sky Cruiser,

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Volvo Jr Driving School

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and Flight Squadron (all have height requirements of 34″ – 36″).


Of all the areas of the park, DUPLO Village offers the most for Kids of the 36″ and under crowd, but no matter where we went there was something Whistler could do. For example, everything in Land of Adventure is designed for the 36″ (and some less) including the Beetle Bounce,

Legoland California 2

Cargo Ace,Legoland California 29

Dune Raiders, Lost Kingdom Adventure and Pharaoh’s Revenge.

At Castle Hill our favorite ride was the Royal Joust,

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and at Dino Island kids can dig for fossils, ride a junior roller coaster or lie inside a life-sized dinosaur footprint. If you’re a kid or even a kid at heart, there was something to love for everyone.

Be sure to take advantage of the “Kids Play while the Parents Wait” feature available at most rides where lines can get long. There is a separate LEGO play area with direct access to the front of the line where you children play while you wait in the regular line. Once you get to the front, your child simply joins you to get on – GENIUS!

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If rides and attractions aren’t your thing, MiniLand is fascinating too. Miniland USA includes reproductions of seven areas of the United States, all constructed with 20 million LEGO bricks in 1:20 scale. The whole family can take a boat tour (again, no minimum height) to see sites like Las Vegas, New England Harbor, New Orleans, New York, San Francisco, Southern California and Washington D.C.

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And of course there are fun LEGO figures and characters scattered throughout the park and you don’t even have to wait in line to have a good time with them!

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While we decided it was too cold to experience the waterpark during our visit, we definitely want to go back to see what it’s like. There was an awful lot of laughing going on in there! And don’t forget to check out the Sea Life Aquarium while you are there! It requires a park hopper ticket purchase, but is a great educational attraction for animal lovers. It’s pretty big so plan on spending about 2 hours in there!

Once you get here, you’ll never want the day to end and now you won’t have to! The LEGOLAND Hotel is now open! Enter through a dragon-guarded entrance to interactive LEGO features, themed play areas, a family pool and more kid’s entertainmet.  All 250 guest rooms are themed, so your family can choose from one of three popular LEGO lines – Pirate, Kingdom or Adventure.

I was invited to experience LEGOLAND California with my family at no charge to me in order to share my experience with you. All opinions remain my own.

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  1. Well, that a lot of lego-ishness for your family this season! Would love to visit the cali legoland soon! You should go to the one in Copenhagen – speechless is the word!

  2. i have never been to legoland! I love looking through all your pictures. i haven’t been to california in ages. i would so love to go back!


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