Planning a Family Road Trip with Your Dog

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If there’s one family member who loves the idea of sitting in the back seat with their faces blowing in the wind to a destination unknown it’s your dog. They too love the idea of getting out of the house and taking an adventure with the family. This is why so many families enjoy taking their dogs on a road trip. It’s the most affordable and convenient way to travel with pets and is a ton of fun and excitement for the entire family.

How to travel with your dog

As much fun as it can be to take your furry relative on a road trip with the family, dogs, unfortunately, can be just as much work as traveling with toddlers. So, to ensure you guys have a great time, you’ll want to make sure you’ve taken the necessary precautions. 

Trip to the Vet

Before taking your dog on a road trip it’s a good idea to consult the veterinarian. Unless you want to end up with a sick pet on the road, it’s ideal to have them checked out to ensure they’re up for the ride. 

Test Ride

If your dog doesn’t spend much time in the car, it’s best to do a test ride before your actual road trip. While some pets love the fresh air and smooth cruise, others can become anxious. Take a ride for about an hour or so just so your dog can get used to it. If he or she is a bit anxious, there’s always Canna-Pet’s CBD for dogs which can help with anxiety. You might also consider choosing a nearby destination for your family road trip if you have anxious dogs so they’re not in the car too long.

Packing for Your Pooch

Don’t leave for your road trip without having packed a few things for your dog. The road trip packing list for your dog should include a collar and leash, bed and blanket, food and water, waste bags, medications, toys, treats, as well as flea and tick products

Get a Car Seat

Your toddlers aren’t the only ones that need to be securely strapped into the car. Dogs have a tendency to start walking around the entire vehicle which can be a big distraction. In some states, it is even illegal to allow a dog to roam free in the car. You’ll need to make sure you have the appropriate pet car seat or seatbelt with you. 

Plan for Several Breaks

Your dog will remain on the walking, feeding, and restroom routines that you follow at home, so keep this in mind when planning your road trip. You’ll need to plan to pull over at a rest stop at least once every 3-4 hours to allow your dog to stretch their legs, get some nourishment, and use the bathroom. Try to keep these stops as close to your regular schedule as possible. So, if your dog is used to eating at 4 pm and going for a walk at 5, then try to coordinate this into your road trip schedule. 

Look for Dog-Friendly Activities

You can’t very well leave your dog in the car while you and the family get out and enjoy activities during your road trip. The whole point was to travel together. So, it would be best to look for dog-friendly activities and facilities that everyone can enjoy. Stop at a nearby dog park, go eat lunch at a dog-friendly restaurant, reserve your hotel room where dogs are allowed, etc. Once you arrive at your destination, if there are activities you’d like to try without the dog, you can also download an app that allows you to find nearby dog sitters for the day. 

Family road trips are already a ton of fun to experience. Adding your dog to the mix is like adding icing to the cake. If your family journey is going to be a success, however, it’s important that you not only properly plan and pack for yourselves, but for your pooch as well. Hopefully, this has given you some insight on how to ensure the whole gang has an amazing time.