5 Ways Your Indoor Cat Can Get Fleas and Ways to Prevent an Infestation in Your Home

Having an indoor cat has many health and safety benefits for our fur babies. Often times indoor cat owners will skip taking flea prevention measures because they think it’s just not necessary since their pet doesn’t spend any time outside.

Unfortunately, fleas are incredibly resilient and crafty little critters. They have mastered to art of hitching rides and making incredible leaps in order to reach a suitable host. If you thought you were safe from this pests, think again.

bengal cat indoor cats fleas prevention

These are just 5 ways your indoor can get fleas.

Other Pets

This is the most obvious. If you are a multi-pet household, then the culprit bringing the fleas to your indoor cat is easily identifiable. Even though your indoor cat may not venture outside themselves, they will certainly get an infestation from his doggy friend Fido that does. This is why it’s important to take flea and tick prevention measure for ALL animals in your home, not just the ones that go outside.

Did you know a single flea can live up to 100 days and ten adult female fleas can produce up to 15,000 flea eggs in just 30 days?

Anyone who has had a flea infestation knows it takes determination, vigilance, the right products, and a little luck to win the fight against fleas. My go-to product is PetArmor Plus because it easily treats the problem and also helps prevent future problems.

bengal cat indoor cats fleas prevention

This fast-acting, waterproof formula helps break the flea life cycle by killing flea eggs and larvae for up to 12 weeks as well as kills ticks that may transmit Lyme disease. It’s easy to apply and affordable, especially with the current ibotta offer for $5 off PetArmor Plus for Dogs or Cats, 3ct. (Valid March – September). It’s newly available at PetSmart, which is super convenient since we buy most of our pet supplies there anyway!

bengal cat indoor cats fleas prevention

Fun Fact: Fleas and ticks can be present year-round, yes, even in colder climates. They can lay dormant for several months before hatching, so it’s recommended that you treat your pet each and every month throughout the entire year.

Escape Artists

We are a little unique in that even though our cats are strictly indoors dwelling, we do take them outside for walks with a cat harness and leash. Bengals just love to go for walks and are really easily leash trained. Thing is, this makes them both bolt for the door regardless of if it’s time to go for a walk or not. Our cats are master escape artists, especially if our chickens are running free in the back yard! Even spending just 2 minutes outside can be enough time for one or even a few fleas to hop on board and begin their evil plan to take over your pet and home!

cat backpack bubble capsule

Windows and Doors

Does your cat like to sit by the window? Ours practically live on the window sill. How about by a screen door? Fleas are one of the strongest jumpers on the planet and can invade your home simply by crawling through the cracks in your screen. This is especially true in the warm summer months when you’re more likely to leave the doors and screens open.


Yes, you! Fleas are the best hitch-hikers in the world and people have been known to pick them up simply by walking through a neighbor’s yard, going to the beach or even from a co-worker who has a flea problem at home. Fleas aren’t picky – they bite humans too. 

The Vet

This is a no brainer too. It’s kind of like when you visit the doctor’s office, you’re more susceptible to things like a cold or flu. Because fleas are so fast and mobile, a waiting room full of animals can be a very convenient way for them to find new hosts!

Just looking at the above can almost make you just throw your hands up in the air. I mean, where CAN’T you get fleas from? Me, I like to just assume we are in an ongoing war with these little pests. But using PetArmor Plus and also doing a few things around our home works really well at keeping them from partying on us.

bengal cat indoor cats fleas prevention

What You Can Do Around Your Home and Yard

Mow Your Lawn Regularly
Ticks usually like to hang out in damp areas and in tall grass and weeds. It is important to keep your lawn mowed and to walk your dog on a path and try to keep them out of the tall grass.  

Clean Your Yard
Stacked woodpiles of leaves and mounds of rocks are the ideal breeding ground for fleas. The more clutter, the more places fleas can take refuge.  

Use Natural Methods
Fleas and Ticks are repulsed by the smell of Cedar Chips. Sprinkle them in shady areas, under your porch and outdoor furniture. You can even move over them and the powder still works to repel fleas.

Groom Your Pet Regularly
Grooming your pet on a regular basis helps keep them clean and allows you to look for any signs of fleas or ticks. Plus, it’s a great bonding time for you and your pet.  

Have you ever had a really terrible flea infestation? What did you do fix it?

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