Race Training Tips for Moms Juggling Life

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Because of Evenflo, I was able to start race training again with the use of the Folio3 Stroll and Jog Travel System. Thank you for kindly sponsoring this post. All opinions are 100% honest & completely my own.

How many times have you used your kids as a reason not to do something? Like most moms, you have probably lost count. After having kids, it gets easier and easier to put off exercise, eating right, buying things for yourself, spending time on what we want. It is easier to put the focus on them rather than trying to juggle everything and shouldering the guilt that seems to come with allowing yourself any time for you. Caring for kids is downright exhausting, and there are so many times when I just don’t have the energy to do anything else.

37844346 10100104358152916 5511998931325681664 nHowever, this year I turned 30, and it has hit me hard. I wanted to find something of my own to keep my sanity especially now that I have two kids! I used to run marathons before children dominated my every waking moment. Now, it seems like a distant memory, but I vowed to make the time for running this year.

race training tips for busy moms

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Can you guess what happened the first month I tried to train? I used my kids as an excuse to not run, to run less than I should, to throw up my hands and say, “I just don’t have the time.” Despite my disastrous first attempt, I kept at it. The second month, I did a few things differently and managed to keep my word. By no means is it easy, but I stayed with it. Here are a few tips to help you start your own race training and stick to it.

Plan Your Runs

Juggling kids is hectic. Sit down and plan your runs a week out in advance and coordinate with the family. Write it on the schedule so everyone knows, and stick with it. Regardless of the race you plan on running, you can find race schedules to fit the mileage you are training for and help you plan out the time you need to dedicate to your runs. It always seems impossible at first, but make the time for yourself.

Bring Baby Along

Even if you don’t have kids, you will run into inconvenient hiccups that will throw off your running routine. With kids, everyday living is inconvenient. If you find yourself in a bind and have to bring the baby with you on a run, it is totally doable especially with the Evenflo Folio3 Stroll and Jog Travel System.

stroller 5

I have a nine month old, and sometimes he just has to come with me when I run. The first time I brought him, all I could think is, this will never work. But I strapped him in the LiteMax infant car seat and took him to the park with me. The car seat is lightweight and easy to use, and it fits right into the stroller. This allowed me to put him in the Folio3 stroller without taking him out of the car seat and waking him up.

The LiteMax car seat has a lock-off system and multi-position base with recline indicator. It also has side impact tested quality which means it has everything I need to keep him safe during travel, and it fits right into the Folio3 stroller so he can stroll with me anywhere I need to go…even for a run.  

stroller 3He happily dozed while I jogged, and I could use the full coverage canopy to keep him out of the sun, and the mesh cut outs allowed me to peek in on his angelic little face. There are also cupholders and an adjustable handle so I can bring everything I need and jog comfortably…with a sleeping babe! I have never felt so accomplished as I did in that moment.

I knocked out a three mile jog with nine month old in tow, and he never even woke up! 

Stop Using Your Kids as an Excuse

Even though we love every moment with our little ones, we need time to do the things we enjoy and help us stay healthy. Do whatever you can to keep yourself accountable. Gather a group of friends to run with or use one of the countless apps to help you stay on track. You can do this. It won’t be easy, be neither is being a mom. You got this.  

Pay for the Race

Once you got a week or two of training under your belt and you know what your physical capabilities are, pay for the race you want to run. This will help motivate you to keep training and making time for you.  

runningRun Whenever You Can

Unfortunately, it will probably be easiest to tackle your runs either early in the morning before the kids wake up or late in the evening after they go to bed. It will seem impossible, but you can do it. Utilize those times and instead of furiously binge watching tv in the evening or hitting snooze until the kids come to drag you out of bed, get up and get going. It will be hard at first, but regular exercise will give you more energy and help you stick to the rest of your daily routines.

Try New Running Paths

Running the same path day in and out can be boring and uninspiring. You will find yourself dreading that same old view so be sure to switch it up and try running in new places. Look for parks with a nice view or a beachside where you can take a swim afterwards. Toss the kiddo in the stroller and bring them along for the ride and enjoy a picnic afterwards. Planning for a fun activity after a run will give you the incentive to get it done. 

stroller 4The Evenflo Folio3 has large air-filled tires and a front wheel that can be locked into place so you can take on just about any new path to knock out those miles. The storage space also gives you plenty of space to bring anything you might need for an afternoon of training. There is also a child console for a drink or snack to keep that kiddo happy and entertained while you jog. 

Revamp Your Eating and Sleeping Habits

Training for a race is the perfect time to reevaluate your sleeping and eating habits. Use this as a chance to start focusing on healthier choices for the whole family and getting everyone on a better bed time schedule. Simple diet changes and a little more sleep can completely change your whole mood and give you more energy. 

Give Yourself Time to Rest

Unfortunately, race training can lead to injuries. If you end up with a pulled muscle or a pain that just doesn’t feel right, take some time off. If it is bad enough, be sure to head to the doctor. Your running won’t get better if you don’t stop to let your body heal. Don’t get discouraged if you need to take some time off. Allow your body to heal and focus on a different activity while you take a break from running. When you are ready, jump right back into it. 

37800783 10100104365538116 4092254202657505280 nDon’t forget to stop and smell the flowers along the way! Those kids grow up fast so you might as well bring them with you whenever and wherever you can before they start telling you that you embarrass them! The Folio3 is designed for children from 5 to 50 lbs allowing you to stroll around with them for at least the first few years.

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