Travel is something I have always had a passion for but since becoming a blogger I’ve become hooked. While I admit that I’m a flip-flop wearing, beach seeking kinda gal, I can still fully appreciate the diversity US destination have to offer. I crave exploring new places and checking items off my Travel Bucket List. In celebration of becoming a Marriott Rewards Ambassador (squee!) I’ll be composing some great travel articles over the next few months but I wanted to kick things off by sharing three of my Travel Bucket List Cities in the US.

New Orleans, Louisiana 

Well of course I would have to go during Mardi Gras, but if you know me at all you know the real allure is that authentic spicy cajun cookin’. While the celebrations, the music, and food are fantastic N’awlins has so much more to offer. For instance, the city is known for their numerous above ground cemeteries and one of them, St. Louis Cemetery, is said to be the most haunted cemetery in the US. Or, did you know that National Geographic labels Jackson Square, the heart of the french quarter, a must see? I’ve actually been for a quick trip last year that lasted about 24 hours, but it really doesn’t count. I feel like I’ll need at least a week to explore this city!

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Rockland, Maine

Three Words: Maine Lobster Festival. Each year this seaside town offers 20,000 pounds of lobster over the course of it’s 3 days festival. Mix in the world’s largest lobster cooker, arts and crafts, lobster, live entertainment, cook offs, and lobster and you can see why I’m drawn. But Rockland offers much more – including whale watching, fishing, lighthouse tours, hiking trails and more. 

Charleston, South Carolina 

Charleston is one of those cities that still manages to capture a small town feel, which is probably why Travel and Leisure have given it numerous high ratings including #1 city for a Romantic escape and second to charming local accent. It’s also the second best city for antique stores and safety. It’s the quintessential charming southern town, but if you’re like me and can only handle strolling around for so long before seeking some adventure, they also have parasailing and more scuba diving sites than you can shake a stick at. Or why not act like a local with this list of favorite things to do in Charleston? And foodies may want to check out the 3 of the Best Restaurants in Charleston.

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