What is your favorite snack? Do you love something with chocolate or a nice salty treat? Maybe a combination? Or would you rather have something with less calories? There are so many options when it comes to snacking, but it often comes down to boring and bland or loaded with not so good for you stuff. Do you ever find yourself munching on a store bought snack and think, “I could totally make this better!” While many of us might have big ideas for better, healthier snacks, how many of us act on it?

Edmond Sanctis and Josh Schroeter felt the same way about snacking. Their frustration led to a whole new approach to eating on the go and taking snacks Beyond OrdinaryTM. While hiking Mount Rainier they were forced to leave behind much of their food in order to lighten the load. As they hiked on, they relied on small snacks to maintain energy levels, but the dull flavorless mixes left them wanting more. Together they started discussing the idea of a satisfying snack made from all natural ingredients with rich flavors. These two men with no experience in the food industry decided to go after their idea and give the world delicious and healthy snacks that could travel anywhere. With dedication and a passion for food, Sahale Snacks was born.

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Offering products made with fresh ingredients from around the world, Sahale Snacks has found a balance between carefully prepared artisan snacks while managing to responsibly produce at a level that will meet the demand for these incredible foods. Each product is made kosher and without preservatives or artificial colors and flavors. Products are also gluten free and made without GMOs. They combine dry roasted nuts with un-sulfured fruits and blended with real herbs and spices. The nuts receive a special (secret!) glaze with a tapioca syrup and sugar cane base that coats and enhances the rich flavor. Extensive testing and careful consideration has created the perfect harmony of crunchy and chewy with savory flavor combinations like the Maple Pecans Glazed Mix. The warm but delicate taste of cinnamon and maple sugar over pecans, walnuts, cherries and apples is a comforting and palatable treat you won’t forget anytime soon. And as tasty as the mix is on it’s own, it’s also amazing when you incorporate them into a cookie!

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Sahale Maple Pecan Cookies
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  1. Line a baking sheet with parchment paper and pre heat the oven to 350 degrees.
  2. Using your electric mixer, combine the egg, coconut oil, brown sugar, maple syrup and vanilla until creamed together and smooth (other than possible brown sugar chunks).
  3. Slowly start to mix in the dry ingredients until they are all in and the batter is thick.
  4. Making 1ish inch balls of dough, place 9 on a tray. Use a teaspoon measuring spoon to make an indent into the ball of dough. It will likely crack a little, just support the sides as your press down.
  5. Fill each well with the Maple Pecan mix, the cookies spread a bit so feel free to over fill the centers.
  6. Bake for about 10 to 12 minutes or until golden, slightly under baking will give you a perfectly chewy cookie. Let cool on the parchment paper on a cool surface.
  1. I like to leave the brown sugar out the night before so it starts to harden a bit into clumps. These stay solid through the mixing and baking then are perfect soft little bursts of brown sugar in the cookies. This is totally optional of course.
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Sahale is also constantly working towards sustainable practices which won them the 2015 City of Tukwila Recycler of the Year. They approach every area of their business with conscientious practices such as  providing bamboo coffee cups and silverware to employees to help reduce the amount of materials used. Dedicated recycling has left only 20% of the waste from the facility actually going to the landfill. Sahale Snacks is as delicious as it is environmentally conscious. It is also a major goal of Sahale to give back to their community. They donate products to local food drives and constantly work towards improving their supplier community in Vietnam. The only thing better than eating snacks that are good for us is knowing they are also good for the world.

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