Natural Remedies for Seasonal Allergy Relief

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Seasonal Allergy Relief

Last July our family took our long awaited trip to the Detroit Zoo. It had been a long winter and we were looking forward to a day of sunshine, when we were sure all of the exhibits would be open. Like more and more zoo’s the layout for the Detroit creates an experience. From visiting the Kangaroo’s in the Out Back to Giraffes in an African Safari the entire visit is made to be as life like as possible. We had so much fun immersing ourself in the experience.

Unfortunately, the trees, plants and flowers that created the realistic environments also wrecked havoc on my seasonal allergies. You would think somewhere in the bottomless beach bag filled with sunscreen, bug spray, snacks, change of clothes, and ibuprofen I would have thought to pack some allergy medicine. Especially considering that both my husband and I suffer from allergies. But I didn’t. Isn’t that how it usually goes though?

Seasonal Allergy Relief

So while she was taking time to stop and smell the roses I was suffering from a combination of congestion, nasal drip, and itchy-watery eyes. With no relief in site. By the time we got home I useless to the world. I wish I had something to put my out of my misery. At the time I would have taken anything – even if it put me to sleep for hours and left me in a fog. But now that I’ve had Zarbee’s Seasonal Relief not only is it a diaper bag staple, it’s the only thing I’ll take.

Zarbees Naturals Seasonal Allergy Relief e

Zarbee’s is the 1st ever natural, clinically proven product to help with seasonal pollen and congestion relief. As awesome as that is, I’m going to be totally honest when I say that it takes a back seat to the fact that Zarbee’s is non-drowsy (and non habit forming too).

As much as I like to be on the “all natural” bandwagon, non-drowsy is my first priority when it comes to allergy medicine. Can you imagine being drowsy while trying to push through a day at the Zoo with a toddler? No thank you. There are also no drugs, no diphenhydramine or medicine in the formula. Who knew “no” could be so good?

Pollen Forecast

Instead, it’s made with an ingredient called Butterbur Ze 339. This ingredient has been shown to ease congestion and the effects of seasonal pollen. All week the PollenCast has been moderate to high.Normally I would be comatose but I’ve been breezing through the last two days while using Zarbee’s and I’m not worried about the rest of the week in the least!

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ZarBee’s Seasonal Relief is the 1st ever natural and clinically proven product that helps with seasonal pollen & congestion relief. Click here to learn how to get your free sample of the new Seasonal Remedies.


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