The Top U.S. Spas and Why You Should Go

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Why not be a serial “spa-ist”? Spending a relaxing day at the spa provides an abundance of mental and physical health benefits we all need. Thankfully, there are plenty not too far away. We’ll discuss several of the nation’s best spas within 60 minutes of major cities.

With the shift to remote our society has seen, benefits like cheaper pay-per-mile insurance, reduction of commute, and increased flexibility in schedule have taken off. However, not everything has been exactly stress free. And remote work is a big shift. Also, many people have become more sedentary with this shift.

Health issues can arise because of stress and lack of activity. But the spa is a perfect way to decompress and restore some of those bodily systems that get out of balance when you are working in your room too long all day.

Health Benefits Going to the Spa

One major physical health benefit of going to the spa is an increase in your blood circulation. Increasing blood circulation is beneficial because it increases the flow of nutrients and oxygen throughout your system. This in turn boosts your sense of well-being and energy levels.

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Going to the spa has been known to stimulate the lymphatic system, especially through massage. This releases serotonin, which makes you feel happier and stabilizes your mood. Stimulation of the lymphatic system also allows the body to eliminate toxins that can bog you down and make you tired. 

If you suffer from conditions such as arthritis, muscle spasms, ligament injuries, or other similar pains, going to the spa is a great way to treat these painful conditions. Hydrotherapy and massage especially can help. These will help release tension.

While it’s always good to pamper yourself at home, in terms of mental stress, the spa is a way to disconnect and decompress. You can detach and disconnect from your daily worries. And with boosts in your serotonin and other stimulation, you’re sure to reduce your stress with a visit to the spa.

So what are some of the top U.S. spas, and what do they have to offer?

Lake Austin Spa Resort, Texas 

There are many activities scheduled daily at Lake Austin Spa Resort, and this schedule changes weekly. These activities include paddleboarding, kayaking, hiking, canoeing, power yoga, sunset cruises, biking, and swimming. There are three pools, and there are about 20 activities scheduled a day.

They also have over 100 different types of spa treatments available. You’ll find river rock massages, floatation therapy, acupuncture, and herbal body wraps. 

The Ranch Malibu, California 

The Ranch Malibu is a more recent development in the luxury wellness industry. However, it does have some impressive accolades already. Some even consider it to be the best spa resort in the U.S. It has a beautiful location, set in Southern California, with a winding drive up mountains. 

They have immersive programs that will allow for intensive transformation physically, mentally, and spiritually. These include a guided fitness regime, wellness support, and a balanced nutrition program. You will be sure to detoxify your body all while in nature. The programs will meet you wherever you are.

The Lodge at Woodloch, Pennsylvania 

The Lodge at Woodloch is located near Little Teedyuskung Lake in Pennsylvania. Its surroundings provide diverse amenities that can help relieve stress. There are quiet forests and free bike rental, as well as kayaking and fishing on the lake. And you can ski in the winter.

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As for the spa, you’ll find a range from simple massage and facials, to Japanese Reiki and traditional Thai massage. And hydrotherapy is available as well. 

Westglow Resort & Spa, North Carolina 

Located in the gorgeous mountains of Northwest North Carolina, Westglow Resort and Spa is the perfect spot for luxury and relaxation. You can participate in fitness and wellness classes while enjoying three gourmet meals every day. 

They include a full-service spa as well as programs that focus on weight loss and mindfulness. These programs aim to equip you with the tools to keep you in good health even at home.

Fitness programs include hiking, Pilates, tennis, 20/20/20, meditation, Aquacise, yoga, and cycling. Wellness classes include guided hiking, life balance, midlife journey, wellness assessment, metabolic rate assessment, nutrition assessment and diet courses.

Spa services include facials, mani-pedis, raindrop therapy, massage, brow tint, eyelash tint, makeup lessons, skin glow, mud wrap, and body salt treatments.

Let’s Go to the Spa

Health benefits both physically and mentally abound at the spa. Spa trips can be especially beneficial for seniors in need of long-term care and those trying to maintain their health. So get ready to make an appointment and grab your car keys and bottled water, because we’re going spa-tripping. 

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