Tomorrowland Dreamers Wanted

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After spending a weekend immersing ourselves in the world of Tomorrowland and meeting Disney visionaries (Charita & Mike), young film stars (Raffey & Thomas), and a creative genius (Brad Bird), I couldn’t help wonder where I fit into the larger picture. And for those of you who have been following my #TomorrlandBloggers posts, you might be wondering as well. Thankfully, our friends from the future have created a fun quiz for dreamer’s young and old which will help give you an idea of the kind of “Dreamer” you are!



Regardless of which kind of Dreamer you get (ARTIST, PROFESSIONAL, INNOVATOR, HUMANITARIAN), I think it’s safe to say that we all have aspect of each, but there are certainly traits that are more prevalent. I am so thankful that my parents were able to identify certain traits in me when I was younger and foster those traits with various activities in and out of school. I would urge any parent to do the same!

Based on my results, I identified the answers to the questions that I felt best represented each of the four personalities. They are the following:

QUESTION: When your child talks about an idea he/she had, it is:

If you or your child answered, “C. a novel idea, visionary” then maybe they’re an INNOVATOR. These kinds of dreamers traits are openness, creativity, and intelligence.

QUESTION: Which of the following best fits your child:

If you or your child answered, “D. able to put his/her own emotions aside to comfort others” then maybe they’re a HUMANITARIAN. Agreeableness, caring, and intelligence are all traits of this type of dreamer.

QUESTION: When you ask your child to clean up his/her room and you walk in 10 minutes later, you will find that he/she has:

If you or your child answered, “B. cleaned up and has also organized something” then maybe they’re a PROFESSIONAL. The traits associated with the Professional personality include conscientiousness, organization, and responsibility.

QUESTION: It’s a snow day! What would your child most likely do?

If you or your child answered, “A. spend all day creating snow sculptures” then maybe they’re an ARTIST. These dreamer traits are creativity, uniqueness, and expressiveness.

Now even these are all answers that I got when I took the test, can you guess which kind of dreamer personality I got the most answers for after all 10 questions? Well, that’s sort of a trick question because for me, two personality types were most prevalent: Artist and Innovator!

If you want to ideas on how to foster the Dreamer personalities of your children, here are some activities for each type to try!

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