UltraShape Aftercare: Tips for getting the most from your treatments

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During my research of UltraShape online, I’ve seen some really amazing results and some mediocre results. Of course, everyone’s body is different and your results may vary, BUT while you could just let the machine zap the fat while you do absolutely nothing, why not get the absolute most out of your experience and do everything you can to help your body with the process? After researching online and also speaking with my technician Lori, who is a trainer for UltraShape so very knowledgable, these are the small efforts I made to ensure my UltraShape experience was a success.

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  1. Drink lots and lots of water. Like more than you ever thought you could drink. This is especially important for the first 3 days after each treatment, as it helps your body to metabolize and flush the newly liberated fat from your body, but it is best if you can just make it a daily habit of drinking 8-10 glasses of water a day because you’ll want to also make sure you are well hydrated before your treatments too! 
  2. Speaking of newly liberated fat, all that extra fat floating around in your body due to the UltraShape treatment is now waiting to be metabolized by your liver. It will take several days to accomplish this, and in the mean time it’s like you ate several huge fatty meals. Your body just got a large dose of fat energy to use, but as we all know, depending on our activity levels, our bodies can only use so much per day. So while the blasted fat cells are indeed gone, if you don’t watch your food intake you could be making the other fat cells in your body larger! Oh no! So take it easy and try to reduce your calorie intake for a couple days, avoiding high fat foods (but stay away from low-fat/non-fat alternatives because they are usually full of sugar instead!). You might even find that you’re less hungry anyway so pay attention to your body and the clues it’s giving you. Don’t eat out of habit! 
  3. While you’re considering what you’re eating, it will be incredibly helpful if you cut alcohol, caffeine and sugar from your diet during the course of your treatments. Gasp! I know, I know – I was a sugar addict for a long time, but I promise you it’s possible AND you after a brief crazy withdrawal period, your body will thank you. You will feel more energized without the dependency. Besides, sugar is well known to go straight to your stomach…you know, that thing we’re trying to flatten up right now? I’ll give you a secret, if you really need the sweet in your coffee or tea use Xylitol instead. Tastes just like sugar and is actually good for your teeth and sinuses.
  4. Exercise. If you weren’t active before, you can do something simple like meeting your 10,000 steps a day goal. Remember you have all that extra fat floating around so the best way to keep it from being reabsorbed by another fat cell is to work it off! 
  5. Help your body flush out that fat by giving your lymphatic system a boost! Get a lymph drainage massage, jump on a trampoline, or try dry brushing.

Remember, this is NOT a weight loss treatment, it’s a contouring device. You may not see a change on the scale, but that dress you couldn’t zip up 3 months ago, might now fit better than ever. You just might wave goodbye to muffin top! It will not treat loose skin, and honestly, since you’re zapping volumes of fat you definitely want to up your collagen and consider pairing the treatment with VelaShape, which is for skin tightening.

Stay tuned as I reveal my results and final before and after pictures for my 3 session treatments next week!

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