Ways to Unplug in Gulf County, Florida

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GCFL The other night, I went to bed with such an unbearable migraine, I actually thought I might need to go to the hospital. I managed to take some aspirin and climb into bed early. The next day I thought about what might have triggered the headache, and I realized something terrible. Most days, I look at a computer screen for about ten hours. Ten hours! That is almost my whole day! No wonder I had a migraine.

So this made me wonder – Is there a place that exists where people’s lives don’t revolve around WiFi connections and the constant need to be accessible? A place where people boast about the wide open spaces instead of a coffee shop on every corner?

While it is not completely void of the technologies that both aide and plague us, Gulf County, Florida is a place of beauty and relaxation. It boasts itself on 43 miles of coast as well as only two stoplights and “spotty” Wi-Fi so visitors can put down the tablets, laptops, and phones and get back to nature. It is one of the few places left in the United States that has fought to maintain its natural appeal. The white sand beaches face westward towards the Gulf of Mexico and St. Joseph Bay making a perfect setting for sunsets. Gulf County, Florida is actually known as #championofsunsets.

The return to nature has made Gulf County attractive to camping and RV enthusiasts. It also offers plenty of inns and cottage rentals that show case the watery sunsets. Gulf County is the place for outdoor adventure from family camping to hunting and fishing. It offers visitors almost every imaginable outdoor activity and the peaceful terrain to relax and getaway from the every day routine. Since Gulf County is located in Northern Florida, it does experience lows in the winter months that average around 43 degrees Fahrenheit, but the cooler weather doesn’t halt the activities. Each location has its own variety to offer guests and create a one of a kind experience.

Home to historic natural landscapes, Gulf County has many incredible scenic views. The beaches at Indian Pass are pet friendly and are well known for fishing and lagoon oysters. There is also an Indian Pass Campground with waterfront cabins, RV sites, and regular camp sites. Across from Indian pass is St. Vincent Island. It is 12,000 acres of protected land and National Wildlife Refuge. From Indian Pass campground there are local eco-excursions to St. Vincent Island, charter fishing, kayaking, and bike rentals. Fishing GCFL Port St. Joe on the shores of St. Joseph Bay offers a historic downtown shopping area and playgrounds. There are two free boat launches for guests to do their own offshore fishing and charter boats are available for the less experienced. Guests come from all over to enjoy the annual Scallop Festival and visit the Salt Air Farmers’ Market.

Curving around St. Joseph Bay is Cape San Blas. This 17 mile barrier peninsula is known for its beaches. There is horseback riding on the beach and plenty to see in the blue waters during an afternoon snorkel. Numerous beaches sit along the miles of coast with bike paths and boardwalks that snake through the white sand coast. GCFL Horseback Riding Wewahitchka is one of the southern towns notorious for its one stop light. It is also famous for its bass fishing and the legendary Dead Lakes. Learn what has created these eerie lakes and spend the afternoon at the recreation area. This quaint town is also home to a century of tupelo honey harvesting and even features its own festival.

Gulf County is a playground for all ages and hobbies. It proves to be a place full of activity and a haven especially during those long winter months. When much of the country is buried under feet of snow and shoveling themselves out of their driveways each morning, Gulf County is busy hosting activities.

January brings the new year and plenty to do in Gulf County, Florida. Here are just a few of the activities to partake in during the first month of the year. The rest of the year only brings more to do and see.

  • Cape San Blas Home Tour – Each month three homes on the Cape are open for tour to the public.
  • Scavenger hunts at Port St. Joe
  • Winter Reception – visitors mingle and enjoy cocktails and appetizers
  • Bike Rides along the miles of paved trails
  • Karaoke at The Lookout Lounge
  • Vincent Island Tours
  • Scarf Classes – Learn how to dye and create your own silk scarf
  • Sunset Cruise at Port St. Joe
  • Indian Pass Shelling trip – visitors get to sight see while they collect souvenirs and learn about their origins

Beach Fire gcfl Gulf County, Florida offers guests the chance to unplug and unwind. People get used to such a fast paced world that they don’t see the appeal in a vacation without everything at their fingertips. Gulf County reminds visitors that there is still a world beyond the screen. It provides guests with the chance to rediscover the nature and the true beauty in the world.

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We all get bogged down by the demands of family, work, and life, but we have to make time for an adventure once in a while.

What adventure would you like to have in Gulf County, Florida?

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  1. This looks like such a peaceful, gorgeous place to visit. How relaxing and the view is just so pretty. Thanks for sharing this idea of a place to travel!

  2. All these places are just amazing! What a fun and interesting post. The pictures are awesome. It shows the beauty of the nature. We are planning for a holiday trip. This will be added in our must go list.


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