5 Ways You Should Be Using Your Tablet

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If you find that your iPad is doing more sitting and less entertaining, chances are you probably just aren’t taking full advantage of all it has to offer. The new Otterbox Agility Tablet System is the perfect system for keeping up with all the ways we use our iPad, and the ways you don’t but probably should! We have multiple iPad generations in our home and the Otterbox Agility Series makes it convenient to take full advantage of them on an everyday basis. Simply start by placing a shell on your device and then choose the appropriate Agility accessories that best suit your needs.

otterbox agility tablet system

1. Workout Videos

There are so many great apps out there for working out. Whether your into resistance workouts, cross fit and even yoga there are videos, tutorials and even full workouts for everyone. The hand wall mount is perfect for putting your iPad at eye level while you work out – whether thats down low for yoga, up high for cardio or somewhere in between for Crossfit.

2. Cookbook

Growing up, my Grandma was always cooking something and had, what seemed like, hundreds of cookbooks that she got recipes from. I like to do the same but I’m usually a “I have this on hand, what can I make with it” type of chef, which is why I love apps like Food Network and Epicurious. Food Network has some great recipes from my favorite chefs, whereas Epicurious features thousands of recipes from Gourmet, Bon Appetit, Self, cookbooks, chefs, and home cooks. The agility dock holds the iPad at just the right angle for quick, hands free reference while cooking and now that I think about, so does the wall mount!

3. Portable Entertainment

The entertainment options that are iPad friendly are too numerous to name. Netflix and HBO Go are just a few of my favorites and then there are the games, e-reader apps and don’t even get us started on kids apps. The folio stands are perfect for keeping up with whatever entertainment options you choose. Fold them back for an e-reader or shift into a stand for TV viewing and game playing. 

4. Photo Album

Even the 16GB iPads can store thousands of photos. Propped up on the Otterbox Dock you can display them as a slide show for birthday parties, graduation parties or even tech friendly weddings. 

5. Staying Connected

With both Ben and I frequently traveling cross country, and even across the globe, for work we use technology heavily to keep our family connected. One of the best ways to say our goodnights is with Facetime. I like having a dock to place the iPad on while we chat so I don’t have to hold the iPad the entire time. At home, it helps to keep Whistler on-screen instead of staring at the ceiling or wall.

Otterbox provided product to facilitate this article but all opinions remain my own.

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