What Is Eyebrow Threading and Is It Right for Me

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What is eyebrow threading hair removal and what makes it better than tweezing or waxing? Find out here.

For the longest time, eyebrow threading and other forms of beauty treatments have been a mystery to me. When it came to haircuts, shaving, and other things relating to my appearance, I didn’t know much or care to educate myself about it. I grew up playing in the dirt with boys and have never really had much fashion sense. However, recently spending time with a new gal pal, who is always looking on point, I decided to start making an effort, and caring about my looks. Eyebrow threading is one trend that has certainly caught my attention since my eyebrows are pretty thin and shapeless. I mean, exactly what is threading and is it right for me?

what is eyebrow threading

Eyebrow threading is unique and something that I have never seen before. I wanted to try it, but I never did because it looked painful. My friend ends up giving it a shot. She tried other forms of grooming methods for her eyebrows, waxing and tweezing, but she was never fond of them. They were either too painful or she wasn’t satisfied with the end result. Eyebrow threading was the method she really loved.

Curious about what is threading? Here’s what you need to know about eyebrow threading.


The practice is relatively new here in the Western world, but eyebrow threading has been used in Eastern countries for centuries. The precise location the method originated from remains unknown. Some people believe it to be the Middle East and South Asia. Nevertheless, the method is now known all across the Eastern world.


Many people are afraid of getting their eyebrows threaded because they believe it to be the most painful method. Generally speaking, threading hair removal is the least painful in comparison to waxing or tweezing or any other method. People usually describe it as an unusual feeling, but not really painful.


As mentioned above, threading is the least painful, but depending on your threshold of pain, you may react differently than other people. Whether you were in pain or not, eyebrow threading produces the best results.

Because the eyebrow threading hair removal method can reach even the smallest of hairs, you get a really clean outcome with no half grown shorties left behind. You also get total control of which hairs are removed (or aren’t), leaving you with the best results, hands down. And get this, since even the smallest hairs are pulled, everything ends up growing back at the same time, so you don’t really get those annoying strays that you have to maintain with tweezers in between sessions. And get this – most technicians recommend coming back only every 4-5 weeks for eyebrow threading (this might be my favorite benefit).

I’m thinking it’s totally worth it, and going to give it a go. Do you want to try out eyebrow threading or other methods but don’t have time to visit the salon? Try out Mobile Styles, a new on-demand health and beauty app that brings service providers to your home or office anytime, anywhere! Now that’s convenience.

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