hAppy Friday

I reorganize my office space at least once every few months and without fail it always reverts back to a state of chaos. I think part of the problem is that I don’t have a true office, nor do I have an actual organizing system. I just keep rearranging and throwing things out until the area looks neat. But with the new year and new mantra of ‘productivity’ I decided to do something drastic and actually organize the space. (I know!)

I tore everything away and then reassembled the area. It was during the course of this reconstruction that I realized two things: I hoard documents and we have an insane amount of power cords/strips/cables. I decided to conquer the mess once and for all with a little creativity, some old cosmetic cases, my Zink hAppy and the 1/2in zRoll (green).

First, the documents. I scanned the documents I didn’t need actual hard copies of and put them on USB drives. 

hAppy Friday 1

I then labeled the USB Drives and stored them in a cosmetic case. I love them because they zip close and offer some protection for electronics. 

Next, it was onto the tangled mess of cords. I think I spent an hour just figuring out what each one was for. After that was accomplished it was just a matter of printing labels and wrapping them.

Zink hAppy 3

Because outlet space is at a premium in the desk area I’m constantly unplugging one electronic to plug in another. By labeling the power cords I use every day I save time and hassle “tracing” the cords to their source in order to figure out what I can unplug. 

hAppy Friday 2

Lastly, I organized the documents that I needed in hard copy. I have poor hand writing (a sign of quick thinking, I’m told) and can rarely read my own handwritten file tabs. The 1/2in zPaper allowed me to legibly record what was in each folder. 

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What do you think? Will you use any of the office organizing tips or do you have any to share of your own? 



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