It used to be that snapping a photo, shaking it out and waiting for the image to develop was commonplace. As 35mm and then digital cameras became more affordable, people traded in the instant print for the new photography medium. While many of us shutterbugs have always loved the nostalgia and certain je ne sais quoi about instant photos, it seems they have come back into popularity with the rest of the world as well. Users love the instant gratification of having their photo in hand and a few brands have started offering instant print cameras, but no one does it quite like the pioneers, Polaroid.

The new Polaroid Snap Touch instant digital camera offers users the best of both worlds. It allows you to snap, print, and share all of your favorite photos instantly right from the camera. Offering a 3.5inch LCD Touchscreen and 1080p full HD video recording capability, images and video are stored on a micro SD card and you have the ability to print photos instantly thanks to ZINK® Zero Ink technology. You even have the option to print them with the classic white Polaroid Border (amongst some snazzy new designs) as well as other edits like adding filters, stickers or adjust the crop. The 13mp camera has a few unexpected perks like a self timer, selfie mirror and bluetooth capability. 

polaroid picture ideas

Between it’s digital capabilities and vintage Polaroid printing options, creative uses abound from everyday users and photographers like. I’m still finding new ways to be creative with my Polaroid Snap Touch, like this one I took during our last tattoo session in New York. For more inspiration, check out these unique Polaroid picture ideas I’ve found!


Copy of Medieval - Polaroid Picture Ideas: Creative Inspiration and Tips

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Polaroid Picture Ideas: Creative Inspiration and Tips

polaroid picture ideas

Remo Camerota’s new “Polaroid Portraits” Project

In each photo it’s apparent the photographer gets further away, to fit more of the subject in the frame. It creates an interesting composition of the subject at makes you think about the way we perceive scale in a photo. 

polaroid picture ideas
Captioned Polaroids by Jen Gotch

I love the captions on these polaroids. Most people only write along the bottom but it adds an interesting element to caption on the photos themselves. 
polaroid picture ideas

By Jordan J Lee

Using Polaroids to document one part of your travel, and then using those photos as a frame in another photograph is genius. We love the story this tells with the bridge in the Polaroids and then another view of the water in the larger photo. 

polaroid picture ideas

Firenze and the snow by Giorgio Verdiani

What an awesome way to capture a panorama view. 

polaroid picture ideas

“Self Portrait” by Gene Pease

We bet you have never taken a selfie quite like this one! 

polaroid picture ideas

“Together” by Alyson

This is a fun take on a couples portrait. 

Polaroid - Polaroid Picture Ideas: Creative Inspiration and Tips
Use Polaroids to tell a Story by Oh So Beautiful Paper
How adorable is this strip of photos taken by a couple? It makes you wonder about all the unique snapshots you could get: balloons floating away, a bird passing by.

polaroid picture ideas

Unique Portrait Compositions
Recently, 62 lots of Polaroids were displayed and sold in Christie’s Warhol photography auction. Some of them used sets of Polaroids to create unique portrait compositions. Others featured single, close up portraits of celebrities.

Polaroid 1 - Polaroid Picture Ideas: Creative Inspiration and Tips

Project 365 by Mental Floss
Did you hear about the man who took a photo every day for years before he passed away? It’s incredible, he had thousands of Polaroid pictures. Store them in an album as a beautiful way to document your years.

Polaroid - Polaroid Picture Ideas: Creative Inspiration and Tips

Polaroid Guest Book by Wedding Fanatic

Instead of simply signing a book, have the guests take a Polaroid Selfie (or designate someone to take their photo). Place their Polaroid on a specific page with marriage advice.
Polaroid Headboard - Polaroid Picture Ideas: Creative Inspiration and Tips
Twinkling Photo Display by Brit Co
We love the idea of creating a display piece above your bed with all of your favorite Polaroid photographs.

Polaroid Picture - Polaroid Picture Ideas: Creative Inspiration and Tips

Found on Pinterest 

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, why not include photos in your travel journal?Include photos with longitude and latitude coordinates of where they were taken in your travel journal. A photo may be worth a thousand words, but it doesn’t tell the story. Use the journal to record the moments the photos didn’t capture.

Polaroid Picture Ideas 1 927x1140 - Polaroid Picture Ideas: Creative Inspiration and Tips
By highways and byways by LivinglySSJewelry

Use polaroids and an atlas map to document memories made on your travels.

Polaroid Picture Ideas 1140x1114 - Polaroid Picture Ideas: Creative Inspiration and Tips
Winter Tree by Petr Klabal

We love the use of multiple polaroids to capture the scene. 

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  1. When I bought my instant camera first time I didn’t know how to use it. But a few months later I began to take stunning pictures and all thanks to such articles as this. Thanks!

  2. My son and his girl have a polaroid display in their house up. It’s cute. I like getting an instant picture too. It took me awhile to like the smaller size, but I like them now.

  3. What an awesome way to play with polaroid photos! It really amazes me to see the creativity of the people who conceptualized this. Beautiful pieces of art! Maybe I should try my hand at this too!

  4. I never thought of using polaroid photos to create art like that. Cool! I might try this too. If only I would love taking selfies. Oh well, I have some very willing subjects anyway – my cats. :)

  5. I have never paid much attention to polaroid pictures before. But now that I’ve seen these, I think it’s an awesome way to document moments in our lives. All of these are awesome ideas.

  6. Pictures would make any label funnier. You can use any kind of support and even frame it and hang it on the wall. It is a great way to decorate your house and display your pictures at the same time.

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