10 Unique Wedding Gift Ideas

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When it comes to finding the perfect wedding day gift, most couples complete a wedding registry that guests can use as inspiration. If you want to veer off of the registry however, perhaps because the registry was already complete, nothing was in your price range, or you want to provide a more sentimental gift, there are a variety of wonderful and unique wedding day gifts that guests can choose from.

Registry items are merely suggestions, not obligations, but if you decide to purchase something outside of the registry, it’s a good idea to still check out the registry to gauge the couple’s style and preferred colors. If you believe that you have a good understanding on what the newlyweds may enjoy, these unique wedding gift ideas can be a great way to make the gift more personal and add sentimental meaning.

Here are 10 affordable, unique wedding day gifts that all soon-to-be newlywed couples can enjoy!

1. Round Here Photo Frame $39.99

photo frame wedding gift


2. Home Tweet Home Key Holder For Two $24.99

key holder wedding gift


3. Lots to Lovebirds Shaker Set $17.99



4. The Book of Love $12.99



5. Sous Nice to See You Kitchen Prep Set $39.99



6. Guest Cottage Towel Holder $29.99



7. Bathroom Guest Book $14.99



8. Give It A Nest Soap Dish $9.99



9. Tree Little Birdies Wall Hook $22.99



10. Beautiful Balance Vase $16.99


Tip: Although guests have up to a year after the wedding to send a gift, it’s ideal that gifts be shipped to the home of the couple two weeks before the wedding, or brought with you to the ceremony. If you end up buying a gift after the wedding, try to do so immediately so you don’t end up procrastinating and forgetting.

Tip: Make your gift even more meaningful by adding a special message in the card that ties in with the present you bought the joyful newlywed couple. If you buy a photo frame for example, add how excited you are to see the loving memories that will be displayed; or if you buy a vase, state how flowers will be filled in that vase for anniversaries, special occasions and just because! By linking your gift to the love that the couple has for each other, the gift instantly becomes more sentimental.


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