Kauai Shores Hotels

Meet the Cheery Beachfront Kauai Shores Hotel

Normally before a trip I spend a small amount of time getting myself aquainted with the hotels, activities and areas I’ll be experiencing. However, with a last minute hotel change (as sometimes happens during travel) and a hectic schedule I … Read more

learning how to surf in Kauai

Learning How to Surf in Kauai

Excited to cross off another ‘first’ on my unofficial Kauai Travel Bucket List I arrived at Hawaiian Surfing Adventures for, you guessed it, a surfing lesson. I would be taking my lesson with fellow bloggers and it was a first … Read more

Princeville Ranch Adventures

A Jungle Adventure in Kauai

As soon as I saw the itinerary for the Jungle Valley Adventure at Princeville Ranch Adventures, it became number one on my Kauai Travel Bucket List. Mostly because it offered a little bit of everything – kayaking, zip lining, hiking and waterfalls but also … Read more

woman giving an informational speech

How to Write an Informative Speech with Examples

An informative speech is a type of presentation designed to convey information in an interesting and engaging way. It can cover anything from scientific concepts to historical events, and is often used in the classroom or in public speaking settings. … Read more

family vacation in cozumel cruise stop

13 Must Know Tips For Planning Your First Cruise

Planning your first cruise can be an exciting but nerve wracking time but we’ve broken it down into baby steps with helpful tips for choosing the perfect combination for your first cruise vacation. There are so many cruise lines, ships, … Read more

Oahu Beach

The Best Ways To Experience Hawaii: Land, Sea and Air

Aloha and e komo mai (welcome)! Ask almost anyone you know what their dream vacation is and chances are they’ll say, “Hawaii”. For good reason too – with relatively steady temperatures, a deep and rich history reflective of it’s unique … Read more

yoga 20647

5 Active Adventures to Get Over a Break-Up

The dreaded break up. Most of us have been there. It seems like getting out of bed is impossible, and it feels like you won’t ever be whole again. Instead of pulling the covers over your head and avoiding the … Read more

love is in the air

Unforgettable Ways To Spend Valentines Day

There are only two holidays that encourage us to tell the people around us we love and appreciate them: Thanksgiving and Valentines Day. It isn’t November, so we’re obviously talking about Valentines Day. I’m of the opinion that couples should … Read more

Hanalei Colony Resort3

Looking for an Unplugged Family Escape?

Hanalei Colony Resort is set on the lush, tropical grounds of Kauai’s North Shore. The buildings features traditional low-rise plantation style building with incredible views of Hanalei Bay and Kauai’s lush mountains. At check in I was excited to find … Read more