Blast Summer Boredom With National Geographic Kids

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Are tired of teaching from home, tired of answering questions, tired of trying to find the answers to questions before you can answer them for your kids? Yeah, I think we are all there. So, let’s hand the baton off to National Geographic Kids for the summer. Snag a few these summer titles so your kids can keep learning all summer, and you don’t have to lift a finger. 

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Why? The first time we hear our children ask why, it fills us with pride at their innocent wonder. When we hear it for the 100th time in one hour, we are over it. Here is your answer: National Geographic Little Kids Big Book of Why. Ideal for ages 3 to 7, it will encourage all those questions long-winded questions with insightful, detailed answers…That you won’t have to provide.

This big durable book will be your little ones go-to for all the age appropriate curiosities they have from Why don’t spiders stick to their webs…to Why am I special? There are games in the book as well as tips for parents on how to answer all those many, many questions. Each page features colorful photos and and fun text bubbles that have easy-to-read answers for just about anything that might want to know.


Motivate your kiddos to learn with some thought-provoking, interactive material. The National Geographic Kids Almanac 2021 is like a dictionary (a fun version, or course) that is filled with stories about the world around us. Readers from 8 to 12 will find information on animals, attractions around the world, games, science, technology, tales of explorers, and so much more. It is the number one best selling kids almanac in the world. Readers will find maps of every country in the world and even homework help on key facts. This interactive book will last your kids the whole summer, if not longer.

These all-in-one books provide lesson upon lesson in a fun, exciting way that will keep your young reader engaged and hungry for more knowledge. Don’t forget to check out the Almanac Challenge 2021 which educates children on the dangers of plastic and challenges them to do more to recycle. Encouraging them to care about the Earth at such a young age will foster well-rounded, nature-conscious generations for the future. 


We are so excited about this last mention. My son has grown up with National Geographic kids books since he was a baby. They have always been his favorite. At 10 years old, I was beginning to worry he would “grow out” of them as he’s becoming more and more engrossed in chapter books. Well, National Geographic Kids now has an exciting new series for children aged 8-12 known as The Explorer Academy. It tells the story of Cruz Coronado as he navigates the world through his missions at the Explorer Academy. Cruz and 23 other kids around learn with the world’s best scientists, preparing to become the next generation of explorers. However, Cruz soon realizes that a family secret could hurt his future, and he must find a way to keep going.

This highly-acclaimed children’s series offers a fascinating tale of intrigue, technology, and code-breaking fun. There are books as well as two nonfiction activity books to accompany the series and offer videos, games, and more information about real explorers.  

Best part? Within minutes of picking up the first book to read, Whistler ran out to ask if I wanted him to read this series for a reason. I just said I knew it would be something he would enjoy. He excitedly exclaimed, “Well the main character has the same birthday as me!”. LOVE.



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