DIY Ladybug Craft Project for Toddlers

DIY Ladybug Craft Project for Toddlers

My toddler will be the first person in the house to run screaming from a “buzzing bee” or ask daddy to get rid of a”crawly spider.” To say she isn’t a fan of insects may be an understatement. So when … Read more

diy wedding ceremony seating sign

How to Make a DIY Wedding Ceremony Seating Sign

I’ve never been the traditional type. So when it comes to planning my wedding, I tend to lean towards choices that are more modern or unique. One of the traditions I knew I definitely didn’t want to participate in was … Read more

felt bats

DIY Bat Halloween Decorations

DIY Bat Halloween Decorations Last year was our first Halloween party and over all it went really well. The food was great and the company even better but I really slacked on the decor. :( My decorations were limited to … Read more

DIY Baby Onsie

8 Really Adorable DIY Baby Shower Gifts

When you’re known for giving creative DIY gifts to family and friends, you always end up running into a problem. Before you know it, you have become obligated to bring these amazing creative DIY gifts to everything. Last year I … Read more

DIY Rustic Wedding

11 Inspirations For A Chic DIY Rustic Wedding

Source Wedding Bee Pro In Michigan we have many awesome venues that offer the perfect setting for a rustic wedding. From old barns to pre civil war churches to gorgeous gardens there are so many options. Even with a proper … Read more

Ultimate Iron Man Party Ideas

Ultimate Iron Man Party Ideas

With “Iron Man 3“ landing in theaters on May 3, I know there will be a lot of kids asking for Iron Man parties. Of course, planning a super hero party takes some super planning and mad skills. To help, … Read more

buzz lightyear

To Infinity and Beyond!

When I first decided to makeover Whistlers room I knew that like last time it would be a labor of love. I want his room to be a special place the he loves to go, not just paint (even if … Read more

How to Throw an Amazing Monster in Paris Party

How to Throw an Amazing Monster in Paris Party

In celebration of today’s release of “A Monster in Paris”, here are some ideas on how to throw an amazing paris/monster themed party to invite friends over to watch this fun film directed and written by Bibo Bergeron (“Shark Tale”) and … Read more

Cutest Diaper Cakes Ever

10 Best Baby Diaper Cakes

Diaper cakes make beautiful centerpieces at a baby shower, and are also practical gifts for the parents to be. The days of round, white cakes consisting of just diapers and ointment are history. These days people are coming up with … Read more

Iron Man Crochet Pattern

6 Awesome Iron Man Crochet Patterns

I first learned to Crochet when I was in girl scouts. I remember the first blanket I ever made was with a single stitch at a time and without a pattern. I just kept going until it was the length … Read more

Polaroid Z Review

Capturing our Todays for Tomorrow

Anyone who knows me, knows I’m a photography nut. I have at least one camera on my person at all times, *in addition* to my cell phone. I think any true lover of photography has an innate, nostalgic love for … Read more