Easy Camping Cooking with Solo Stove

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My husband and I do a lot of camping, and part of a successful camping experience is being sure to have all the right tools.

Preparation is key, and the Solo Stove has proven to be a wonderful tool when you are spending time in the great outdoors and one of the best backpacking wood stoves out there.

Solo Stove cooking makes a hot meal easy and fast without the hassle of building a large fire.

The stove is designed with double walls, and as air is brought in through the intake holes at the bottom of the fire, it also brings in warm air to the space between the walls in the stove. 

solo stove cooking

At the top, the smaller holes create a secondary combustion by allowing preheated oxygen into the firebox.

This makes for an efficient fire with less smoke and less wood. 

Can you cook on Solo Stove?

The first question I always get asked when I tell me friends is “Can you cook on a solo stove?” and I always respond with, yes, of course you can!

So you may be wondering what cooking on Solo Stove bonfire is like too.

We cooked up a pot of quinoa with wild mushrooms and almonds with the Solo Stove Titan, and it was more than enough for the two of us.

cooking on solo stove bonfire

If you want some more ideas for what to cook, check out these Solo Stove recipes.

How do you cook on a Solo Stove?

In order to cook up a quick meal, gather dry twigs and break them up until they are about thumb size.

Remove the cooking ring from the solo stove and fill the stove with your kindling.

cooking on solo stove bonfire

Light the twigs and once you have a sustainable flame simply put the cooking ring back on and boil, roast, or percolate.

You can continue to add twigs to keep the fire if you need more heat.

Solo Stove is compact and a perfect addition to any outdoor enthusiast’s backpack.

It comes in three different sizes depending on how many people you are cooking for on your outing.

There are also plenty of accessories that can also be purchased for the stoves such as tripods, additional pots, and even an alcohol burner.

I love how the Solo Stove allows you to cook delicious hot meals without the fuss or hazard of building a large campfire.

Whether you live for outdoor adventures or you are a sometimes weekend camper the Solo Stove will make your experience that much better.

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This post is written on behalf of Solo Stoveby me. All opinions remain my own.

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