13 Games to Teach Your Child Stronger Reading Skills

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Dive into the joyous world of letters and sounds where books are your playground! These games invite you to sprinkle a pinch of play into the task of learning to read. Each game, crafted from the imagination, is a gateway to literary love, turning reading sessions into adventures. 

Gather around and watch as alphabets transform into maps, stories blossom in young minds with every dice roll, and giggles erupt with each bingo tick. Reading has never been this fun!

13 Fun Reading Games for Children

The following 13 fun reading games for children are crafted to spark joy and cultivate stronger reading skills. Dive into these creative activities that promise to turn lessons into play.

1. Matching Games

Matching games are playful exercises that can help your child connect letters to sounds and words to pictures. In fact, matching games by ABCmouse are designed with youngsters in mind, providing an interactive platform that reinforces reading skills through association and repetition. (Read our honest ABCmouse Experience and Review here)

2. Charades

Imagine a game where words leap off the page and into action—this is Charades for readers. Your living room alights with impromptu performances as children enact their favorite book scenes while you guess. It turns reading into a kinetic joy, fusing comprehension with theater.

reading games to play with kids

3. Junior Scrabble

Junior Scrabble takes letter tiles and turns them into a playground. Little thinkers lay down words like stones, crafting paths across the board. It’s more than a game. It’s a brain gym where your child pumps iron with vowels and consonants, turning spelling muscles into champions.

4. Hopscotch Spelling Bee

Hopscotch Spelling Bee marries movement with memory, each jump a letter closer to a full word. As your child hops from square to chalk-drawn square, they’re not just playing. They’re stitching letters into their minds, a kinetic connection that turns spelling into an active adventure.

5. Word Bingo

Word Bingo breathes new life into an old classic, swapping numbers for letters and luck for linguistic skill. With each card a smorgasbord of syllables, children dab at terms they’ve learned—their minds racing through vocab to beat the others in nabbing that winning word.

DIY sight word game

6. Sight Word Parking Lot Game

Are you ready to sprinkle some fun into learning sight words? We made up a fun outdoor (or you can play it inside too!) DIY Sight Word Parking Lot Game that’s a blast and a half! Perfect for your little ones who are just tipping their toes into the world of reading, but seem to be more intrigued by other activities like bikes and scooters. It’s a blend of being active and learning at the same time.

7. Word Search

In Word Search, the page transforms into a jungle where words camouflage between letters, begging to be discovered. As young explorers sift through this alphabet maze, their eyes and fingers trace invisible lines, connecting letters like dots and finding unique words.

8. Go Fish

Go Fish, with a twist, dives into the sea of phonics. Children fish for words instead of sea creatures, asking peers for matches to complete their bookish sets. Each “Do you have any…?” teaches word recognition and strategy, making this card game a ploy for mastering vocabulary.

9. Old Maid

Old Maid is not just a lady to avoid but a delightful twist on vocabulary building. Players pair off words instead of pictures, every match reinforcing memory and speech. With each turn, children grasp more than cards. They clutch new terms and sayings until one word remains unpaired.

father playing monopoly with son

10. Monopoly

Monopoly, the classic real estate romp, becomes an unexpected tutor in reading prowess. Property cards turn into flashcards, Chance and Community Chest demand swift reading comprehension, and every trip around the board is a lesson in financial vocabulary. 

11. I Spy With Words

I Spy with Words turns every nook into a narrative and every object into an opportunity. It’s peek-a-boo with prose as children describe what they see using newly learned adjectives, verbs, and nouns while others guess, weaving invisible threads that link language to the world.

12. Riddle Treasure Hunt

The Riddle Treasure Hunt sends kids on a thoughtful quest, with each riddle a key to the next clue. They decipher words, unlocking mysteries and meanings while racing to unearth the hidden treasure. It’s an odyssey where every solved puzzle is a trove of newfound knowledge.

13. Create a Story

“Create a Story” is where blank pages and imagination collide. Children start with a single word or phrase, then thread more, stitching sentences into narratives as vibrant as their dreams. It’s a subtle forge where the raw ore of vocabulary is hammered into the steel of communication.

In Conclusion…

Now that you’re armed with a treasure chest of games, it’s time to unleash the magic of words upon your child’s universe. Let each game be a stepping stone toward a lifelong passion for reading, where learning is wrapped in layers of laughter and discovery. Don’t let these pages gather dust! Turn those stories and jumbled letters into memories that outlast the final chapter.

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