Our Epic Playdate Would Involve Castles, Water and Memories

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What makes a playdate epic? Wouldn’t it be the bomb diggity if there was some type of digital readout on our kids that measured how much fun they’re having? Epic seems like a word that has major expectations behind it, but in the world of a 4 and 2 year old, I’d bet even simple fun would score high on the scale.

Recently, MC has been talking nonstop about taking a beach trip and building sandcastles. I’m unsure where the idea came from, or why she’s fixated on the beach. Maybe its the idea of playing in the sand, or splashing in the waves. When I ask her, she says “its from my imagination”, but its possible she has a distant memory of her first trip to North Myrtle Beach when she was six months old.

Probably not, and at just six months, we didn’t build any majestic castles, go searching for crabs or other marine life, and there was no jumping in the crashing waves. Since South Carolina was home for me as a child, I really want to share my experience with my children. Guess that means we need a do-over, and this time around we should plan for a warm month when the pool and ocean invite you to swim. (instead of icy waters that feel like a form of shock therapy)

Oh the places we could go, and things we could do, now with both kids walking, talking, and often sprinting away from us in crowded areas. Building sand castles, floating in the lazy river at the hotel, visiting with family and friends, multiple rounds of miniature golf (pretty positive Myrtle Beach is the putt-putt capital), the options go on and on. I know MC would enjoy collecting seashells, while HP would be fascinated with other kids on their boogie boards.

A few months ago, some families experienced amazing playdates as part of the Hyundai Santa Fe Epic Playdate weekend. You can check out some of the fun Liz, Jordan from Oh Happy Day, and their families had as they zip-lined through the Redwoods. The video is amazing to watch, but my stomach did do a few flip flops, as I saw how high off the ground they were!

And remember the Hyundai Santa Fe is perfect for the beach or wherever the road leads, from Utah to San Diego and everywhere else.

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