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Bruno Mars in #Rio2? This Interview is for the Birds!

If you’re a fan of the first Rio, then you’re definitely going to love Rio 2! You’ve already seen us raving about the awesome music, lush scenery and colorful characters in this latest installment from director Carlos Saldanha. Being Brazilian, … Read more

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Our Feathery Friends Are Back in Rio 2

It’s been 3 years since we first met Blu, Jewel, Nigel and the rest of their feathery friends in Rio. My daughter absolutely LOVED the first Rio movie. She proclaimed that macaws were her favorite bird in the whole wide … Read more

halloween jello worms Halloween Jello Worms Recipe

Halloween Jello Worms Recipe

I’m not sure what it is with kids and slime, but it certainly is a magical combination! My son and his friends look forward to the weeks before Halloween each year when I find a couple of fun Halloween treats … Read more

{Halloween Recipe} Icy Witch

{Halloween Recipe} Icy Witch

Halloween Witch Recipe: Icy Witch These are going to be the perfect treat for my daughter’s Halloween / birthday party! These little witches are ridiculously easy to make and cuter than they are scary (perfect for my little girl). Something … Read more

Fun and Fabulous Toddler Activities

Fun and Educational Toddler Activities

Summer is winding down and the big kids are returning to school. Some of you are relieved the kids will return to a routine and the house will be quieter. My house, however, will still be full of chaos as … Read more