9 Genius Hacks to Repurpose Baby Monitor

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What did parents do before we had baby monitors? I swear if I hadn’t had one I would have never slept.

The peace of mind they provide is priceless. Even today as our babies evolve into this walking, talking, little people the need to watch over them remains.

While the obvious use for a baby monitor is, well, to monitor a baby – wouldn’t it be nice to be able to extend it’s use to beyond the “baby” years?

To actually make use of a “baby” item for years longer than you thought you ever would?

Well I’m here today to show you that you can do just that with any video baby monitor you might have.

Even if it isn’t wi-fi enabled like most of the best baby monitors, there are still plenty more ways that we have found to repurpose even older, low tech baby monitors and use it around our house (after all, our son is almost 5 years old now!)

Digital Video Baby Monitor MBP36

Repurpose baby monitor into a rear backup camera

Our proudest alternate use idea is to upgrade the tech in our car. My husband and I both drive vehicles purchased in 2003 or earlier.

Sadly no tech or advanced safety features on either vehicle BUT we had the genius idea to repurpose baby monitor into a rear backup camera!

All you need is a power inverter so you can plug it in, and you can place the camera in your rear window while placing the parent unit up front with you. Amazing, right?

See little ones in rear facing car seats

Another way to put it to good use in your car is so you can have some peace of mind for little guys still stuck in rear facing car seats.

Put the camera on the rear dash and you’ll be able to see how your little one is doing without having to turn around. 

baby in car seat

If your child tends to get fussy in the car, you could switch and put the camera facing you and the parental unit in back so your baby can see your face! 

Use the video baby monitor it as a portable sports TV

BBQing your favorite game day recipe? Your husband (and maybe you too!) will like this baby monitor hack.

Put the monitor in front of the TV and take the parent unit out while you grill! You can listen while you cook and never have to ask “what did I miss?”.

bbq steak

Poor man’s Ring Video Doorbell

Am I the only one who has missed a package despite never leaving the house?

Sometimes it’s impossible to hear the soft rap on the door, or they arrive during the 5 minutes I decide to shower.

Just mount the video unit above your door and take the parent unit with you so you can listen for or see the knock!

Have eyes on the back of your head

Keep an eye on your kids in the back yard while you catch up on the laundry, dishes, etc.

kids having a pillowfight

Does anyone else hear phantom cries while they’re in the shower?

I swear my child is dying during the 5 minutes I shower. Having my eyes and ears in the playroom provides peace of mind.

Stop nagging about personal hygiene

Set up the monitor in the bathroom (the wall mount comes in handy here!) to make sure kids wash hands/wash face and brush teeth properly without having to stand right there beside them.

child brushing teeth

This actually works even when you aren’t watching because you know what – they won’t know. The camera never sleeps, right?

Songs to Sing While Kids Brush Their Teeth

“To Catch A Predator”

No, we’re not talking about a CNN Special.

Despite living in populous Los Angeles, we have a surprising number of wild critters that keep trying to call our back yard ‘home’ and our garden ‘dinner’.

raccoons in a tree

The Night Vision is not only perfect for catching them red pawed, but also for knowing just what you’re up against.

Honey Do Helper

Take advantage of the talk back intercom to use them like walky-talkies.

He’s on the roof fixing the dish, and you’re in the house watching the channel go in and out on yelling “left, right, HOLD” and somehow he keeps going right? Problem solved. 

repurpose baby monitor

I’m a big boy now

Last but not least, to provide some comfort to your kids (ok, mom and dad too).

Even though we have a “big boy” now, our son’s room is still far from ours. By keeping the monitor in his room it provides both confidence and peace of mind, for all of us.

He knows we can see and talk to him, and the unit’s night vision LED acts as a nightlight in defense of monsters in the closet or the boogey man.

Do you have any unique ways you’ve found to use a baby monitor? We’d love to hear about them!

13 thoughts on “9 Genius Hacks to Repurpose Baby Monitor”

  1. Brilliant ideas, especially the back up camera! We have a 2005 Ford and it would be so helpful to have tech like the rear camera in our car with our little neighbors next door running around.

  2. These are some great idea. Wish we had a chance to re-purpose ours. Unfortunately before we could re-purpose it the boys took it apart to figure out how it works.

  3. I love these ideas! My favorite idea right now is using it as a critter cam! We have a racoon ( I THINK) getting into our trash right now. I would love to be able to use the talk back feature to scare him off!

  4. I want a baby video monitor to keep an eye on my dogs….a video that allowed me to see the dogs when I’m out of the house would be even better.


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