And the Sunshine Award Goes to… Saving Mr. Banks

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Even a dummy can see why Saving Mr. Banks is one of the best movies of 2013, and my personal favorite PG-13 Disney movie. If I had the power, I would be giving all of the prestigious awards to Saving Mr. Banks.

saving mr banks

While I can’t convince Oscar nor those metallic Globes who to pick, I can create my own awards to honor each reason why I think Saving Mr. Banks hits it out of the (theme) park in a ceremony I am hereby naming the Sunshine Awards.

And the Sunshine Award for Best Costume Design Goes to…

Daniel Orlandi for Saving Mr. Banks! Orlandi’s designs put you right into the scene. Whether it’s the early 1900s or 1960s, the costumes are time-appropriate and give a true feel for the characters’ lifestyles.

Additionally, the accessories chosen are reminiscent of family heirlooms and particularly give a polishing finish to the character of Pamela Travers. A+ choice on the use of a pashmina for Travers at the premiere of Mary Poppins. She totally would have been a pashmina-at-special-events kind of lady.

And the Sunshine Award for Best Soundtrack Goes to…

Thomas Newman, Richard and Robert Sherman, and the cast of Saving Mr. Banks! The score is easily one of the most enjoyable to listen to of all time with whimsy and depth, but a high regards must be paid to Jason Schwartzman and BJ Novak, who play songwriting brothers Richard and Robert Sherman and sang their own short parts for the film surprisingly well.

And the Sunshine Award for Best Supporting Actor Goes to…

Colin Farrell as Travers Goff in Saving Mr. Banks! Though highly unseen in the trailer, Farrell’s performance is easily the best of the film and quite possibly the best of his career. His steady tear inducing portrayal of the real life ‘Mr. Banks’ explains every bit of backstory behind Mary Poppins, and Pamela Travers’ desire to create her pen name and save Mr. Banks.

And the Sunshine Award for Best Ability to Portray Walt Disney, But Have Tom Hanks’ Nose Goes to…

Tom Hanks in Saving Mr. Banks! If there is any complaint to be had about the film, it’s simply that Hanks is not anatomically Walt Disney; otherwise, his ability to immerse himself into Disney’s persona without providing a cheap imitation is both remarkable and warm.

Maybe my Sunshine Awards don’t look as good as a shiny statue (though if anyone prints and frames this article, please let me know), but coming from this Disney lover, they are my highest compliment. The first thing I thought upon exiting the movie was the next time I would see it and that I must bring my parents. The story itself is a treasure, but the incredible cast and production team truly bring it to life.

5 thoughts on “And the Sunshine Award Goes to… Saving Mr. Banks”

  1. Great review, Colin Ferrel huh?! Okay now I really want to see it, I have a thing for him but I hate his roles usually! ;) great post!

  2. I love that you are making your own awards! LOL!!! Honestly, I want to see Saving Mr Banks but every time I see the trailers, I get all teary. I might have to go see this alone so no one sees me crying.


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