11 Spunky Spicy Pecan Recipes

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International Hot & Spicy Food Day is August 19, and I for one am super excited!! I love, love, love spicy food — to the point where my family is occasionally hesitant to try some of my dinners as I tend to make some very spicy rubs for the meat. My son has even pre-requested additional cups of water when he sees unknown meat for dinner. But I can’t help it … the spicier the better in my book!!

Besides, there are many good reasons to eat spicy food. Not only are they totally delicious, but spicy foods also help strengthen the heart muscle walls, help with weight loss, and lower blood pressure. (Plus, as a migraine sufferer, I have found some awesome headache nasal sprays that are packed with capsaicin pepper! They bring relief right away.)

One great way to incorporate spicy foods into your diet, if you aren’t already a fan, is by pairing them with Pecans.


Pecans are considered to be heart-healthy when added into a well balanced diet, and are high in antioxidants. They have no cholesterol or trans fats, and are capable of lowering total blood cholesterol when eaten in moderation. When you add to this already delicious snack the benefits of spicy pepper, you have a winning snack in more ways than one!

If you have never tried Spicy Pecans, here are some awesome recipes to get you started!

Just looking for a delicious snack? Try these:

Want to add Spicy Pecans to your meals? Check out these recipes:

 Do you have a favorite Spicy Pecan recipe? I’d love to hear about it!

Thank you to the National Pecan Shellers Association for the image used in this post, for suggesting a couple of the recipes above and for letting us know about International Hot & Spicy Food Day.

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