A Sweet But Sugar Free Easter Basket Idea

It’s less than a week to Easter and the Easter Bunny had not prepared a single basket for our house! Walking down the aisles of our supermarket, he looked high and low at the Easter supplies. Tall baskets, small baskets and decorated baskets too. Then there were rows and rows of sugar marshmallows, jelly beans and coloring books. Then came the pre-made baskets. You know the ones with a few toys and a large selection of sugary candy. This mom, I mean Easter Bunny, was not satisfied. My daughter is spoiled. In April she celebrates Easter 3 times and also has 3 birthday parties. The last thing I want to do is fill her Easter Basket with sugary treats. 

Easter Basket
*Dun Dun Du-Dun* VTech to the Rescue! Thanks to their help, I created the coolest Easter Basket ever – and not a single piece of candy is to be had come sunday morning. Maddilyn has been steadily growing her collection of InnoTab Cartridges since we first reviewed the VTech InnoTab 3s. But the addition of the Doc McStuffins Cartridge and the Sofia the First Cartridge are going to make her day. 

Doc McStuffins InnoTab
Like many little girls her age, she is in love with these two fantastic Disney Characters and I have to say, as a mom I think they’re pretty great too. Both Doc and Sofia offer different teachable moments to young viewers and their games are set up the same say. The Doc McStuffins Cartridge is set inside Doc Clinics where kids can help her work along with Lambie and Stuffy – the Doc is in! With Docs friends kids can play four learning games and three card games. Through the games kids can learn vocabulary, memory, math, and health skills. 

Sophia the First
The Sofia the First Cartridge follows Sofia through a day at Royal School. But it’s Jumble day and everything is a mess. It’s the players job to help Princess Sofia through her day by getting her to classes like art, horse riding class and other fun games. There are 7 learning activities that work on colors, shapes, creativity (painting), patterns, and more. You can also ‘read’ the story of how Sofia became a princess.

VTech Switch and Go Dino

Like the Cartridges, Maddilyn has also been collecting VTech Switch & Go Dinos. She has had Jagger the T-Rex for quite some time and he is one of her favorite toys to carry along with her. So it’s no surprise that the loves her newest addition, Cruz The Spinosaurus. These fun dinos can race across the floor as a vehicle or a dinosaur, but more than that they also spout interesting dinosaur facts and have fun sound effects. 

 VTech Go Go Smart Wheels ATV

Like the Dinos, the Go! Go! Smart Wheels ATV is a fun toy for on the go. Each vehicle teaches a different letter ours teaches ‘A’ for ‘ATV’. It also makes fun sounds and sings three songs. 

VTech wants to create a toy-tastic Easter basket for one lucky reader! Enter to win below.

How to Enter to Win

Step#1: Please answer in the blog comments section below: What are your favorite items to find in an Easter Basket?

Step #2: Use this easy giveaway form below to record your entries – good luck!! The comment entry is the only mandatory one you must complete to enter. All others are purely optional for those that really want to win!

The VTech product, gift card, information, and additional gift pack have been provided by VTech.

38 thoughts on “A Sweet But Sugar Free Easter Basket Idea”

  1. I like peanut butter chocolate eggs. I usually put bubbles, sidewalk chalk, and crayons in my kids Easter baskets.

  2. What great gift ideas. We’re not doing anything special for Easter- no baskets, toys, candy. We’re taking a break from all of that. I do like the upgrades that Vtech have made over the years. Great learning toys.

  3. I like sugar free gift baskets. How much candy can you eat? We used to still be eating Halloween candy when Easter would roll around, lol.

  4. before we find the basket, we have to find the easter eggs with clues in them. it has been our tradition. my favorite easter basket items are things to pamper myself like candles, lotions, etc the kids like small toys or eggs with spare change.

  5. I rarely give my kids candy on Easter. They don’t need it, so I stock up on small items and fill their basket with those instead!

  6. My favorite item in the Easter basket has always been chocolate (duh) but for my kids, I always felt the need to add a stuffed bunny or something. I think having non-candy options is fantastic!

  7. When I was little, I loved jelly beans in plastic Easter eggs. I don’t even remember what else I got in the basket.

  8. We always have so much candy between Halloween, Christmas and Valentine’s Day that I love any non candy ideas by Easter. :)

  9. I much prefer a basket of small toys and one treat to anything else. THis year, we’re hoping for a ninja turtle and some balloons!

  10. Growing up our parents never did candy either – they always did special little gifts. I can’t remember any of the particular gifts but I remember that we were never dissapointed and my dad had so much fun hiding the baskets each year.

  11. What adorable ideas for an alternate Easter Basket! Would definitely like to move away from so much candy.. mostly because I’d probably eat most of it! Thanks for the giveaway!


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