Surfboard Decoration Ideas for Your Home

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From simple vinyl decals on the wall to custom hanging lights and artwork, we’ve got lots of surfboard decoration ideas and easy ways to get that summer vibe going.

We’re all super stoked about summer coming up, and you’ll be even more excited when you see these adorable surfboard decor ideas.

The perfect little boys’ beach/surf themed room would be a dream to create. It is an exciting project, because there are so many different elements that can all come together to make the design cohesive and beautiful!

Whether it’s a gift for someone or just a way to spruce up your own space, there are tons of ways to show off your love for the ocean. Which one is your favorite?

My favorite surfboard decoration ideas

I know he’d love having a surfboard in his room that is also a chalkboard where he can draw and color or just leave himself reminders.

Surf board Decor Inspiration

It’s a great way to re-purpose an old board broken board (and we have lots of those laying around!)

pottery barn treehouse loft bed surfboard decoration

What little boy wouldn’t love sleeping in this ultra cool tree fort loft bed from Pottery Barn? For any kid that loves adventure, this bed is perfect!

The treehouse-like loft bunk offers a safe place to sleep while offering plenty of space underneath.

This is a creative way to provide custom lighting! If you are handy, this shouldn’t be too difficult of a project.

surfboard chandelier

Actually it’s super easy if you just add it to your “honey do” list :)

recycled license plate surfboards

This recycled license plate art is an excellent way to accessorize the room. I’ve even seen some people use them outdoors as address markers.

Ok – so this isn’t a surfboard decor idea, but I couldn’t resist. How adorable is this shark made from recycled fence wood?

shark art recycled fence wood

Looks fairly easy to make if you wanted to make a weekend project of it. (source)

endless summer surf board decor wall decal

Best surf movie ever? Endless Summer, of course. I like the idea of using a decal versus a painted wall mural, so if we sell the house it can easily be removed. (source)

This rack would be great for holding hats, jackets, or towels and is an easy DIY project. The board is actually made out of MDF and not a real surfboard.

surfboard decoration towel rack

You can get the full tutorial from I Am Momma Hear Me Roar.

It’s exciting to think that we’ll have a bigger home soon. A new house means the opportunity to decorate and I’m just overflowing with surfboard decoration ideas for my son’s bedroom.

He loves surfing, so this is an easy win in terms of what he likes to do as well as his interests!

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We’re not sure exactly when our new home will come through, but like any good mommy, I’ve started getting all prepared by doing some research on how best to decorate a room with surfboards.

Whether your kids are into fishing or skateboarding (or even football!), there are plenty of ways you can personalize their space based on their interests and passions. What are your favorite decorations for sports

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