15 Tips for Buying Pre-Owned: What’s ok to buy and what to avoid

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It used to be that buying second hand was for the less fortunate, these days it’s seen as savvy and on trend. For movements in upcycling, recycling and DIY people everywhere are boasting about their latest scores. But we have to ask ourselves what’s okay to buy and what should we avoid? Lines must be drawn at some point..right? 

Tips for Buying Pre-Owned

Tips for Buying Pre-Owned:

What’s ok to buy and what to avoid

  1. Do…look into buying used furniture. 
    Hit estate sales, consignment stores, antique stores or even yard sales to find unique and affordable pieces. Don’t pass up those diamonds in the rough that can be made into treasure with just a bit of elbow grease.
  2. Don’t…purchase pre-owned underwear.
    Let’s just agree this one isn’t a good idea and leave it at that. 
  3. Do…score a great deal on used gadgets.
    iPads, tablets, and smartphones are all great items to purchase second hand. Most large retail outlets like Best Buy even offer warranties on certified used goods.

    Tips for Buying Pre-Owned

  4. Don’t…purchase mattresses and bedding.
    Just think, you’re sleeping with someone else’s bacteria, skin cells, dust mites and bodily fluids – if you get my drift. (I’m talking about drool of course!)
  5. Do…purchase designer clothing second hand. 
    A pair of designer jeans can run you anywhere from $150 to $200 to I don’t even want to admit right now. But you can find a gently worn pair at an upscale consignment store for a third of that price.
  6. Don’t…purchase pre-owned cosmetics.
    Unless the latest beauty trend is pink eye and skin rashes, then by all means, be our guest! 
  7. Do… Save money on a pre-owned car! 
    Purchasing pre-owned vehicles, especially certified pre-owned is a smart financial move. In fact, it’s the trendy thing to do right now! Kia Motors America just announced a record-breaking month for used car sales and that number is expected to double in 2016, thanks to savvy car shoppers who see the value in the brand. We’ve reviewed lots of Kia’s over the years – you can view the articles here.
  8. Don’t…try to score hygiene products second hand.
    That deodorant picks up just as much as it puts down, you know? 
  9. Do…purchase wooden swing sets second hand.
    These swings can costs thousands of dollars new, and even the basic models run a few hundred dollars. That’s a lot to pay for something kids quickly outgrow. Most of the time you can find great used sets that have barely been used for just a fraction of the cost!
  10. Don’t… Buy your dentures used. 
    Dude, they’re custom fit – not one size fits all. 
  11. Do…score used books and textbooks.
    There is something wonderful about a well read, thoroughly loved used book. Or scoring a first edition for an awesome price at a used book store! Be smart about using used textbooks and then selling them back when you’re finished is a smart way to save thousands on your college expenses.
  12. Don’t…purchase used safety equipment like helmets or car seats.
    Just because something is available to buy, doesn’t mean you should, especially when safety is involved. Quality helmets and car seats are on the expensive side, but well worth the investment. Safety standards are constantly being upgraded and you never know if the intergrity has been compromised, like having already been through an accident, or even rough fall.
  13. Do…purchase musical instruments used.
    Think you’re the next Jimi Hendrix? You don’t have to starve to be a musician. Purchase second hand from an instrument store and save big bucks. Toothbrush, Used Toothbrush, Tips for buying used, what not to buy used, Tips for Buying Pre-Owned
  14. Don’t…get a used toothbrush. 
    Trust us, there won’t be anything minty or fresh about it. 
  15. Do….purchase your home second hand.
    According to Trulia, new homes cost about 20% than similar previously lived-in homes in the same zip code! That’s a large chunk of change. 

I am a #KiaMom who drives a #KiaSorento thanks to Kia. Opinions still remain my own.

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