10 Things You Must Do Before Summer Ends

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Remember when the first day of school was always the Tuesday following Labor Day? That doesn’t seem to be the case any longer with schools getting a jump on the year by starting earlier every year in what’s known as the summer creep. In other words, summer is quickly drawing to an end if it hasn’t already!

10 Things You Must Do

While the school year is fast approaching (or has already run down your door) the true end of summer isn’t until September 21st. Which gives us a few weeks to soak up summer in all it’s glory and we have a few ideas things you must do before summer ends. 

10 Things You Must Do Before Summer Ends

  1. Go for a picnic
    Put some food in a basket, find a grassy knoll or patch of sandy beach and have a picnic. Take along your family and friends and enjoy the afternoon. Do it beach side and stay cool.
  2. Find the nearest body of water
    A lake, an ocean, a river or something else. Fish or swim. Paddle and splash. Last on the beach or roll in the grass. Ride in a boat or a jet ski. It’s a great way to spend time with the family and cool off during the heat!
  3. Take a hike
    Breathe in the fresh air, enjoy the free Vitamin D, get a nice tan and put those legs to work. Find a park or a trail, a sunset along a shore or just pound the pavement. If you’re really feeling adventurous, these are our favorite 10 Difficult Hikes Totally Worth the Pain.
  4. Enjoy an ice cream cone
    Who stops to enjoy an old fashioned ice cream cone these days? We do!
  5.  Visit a theme park
    California is not short on its fair share of theme parks, we have some of the best in the US. In fact, Legoland was recently named the number one theme park for families by Parents Magazine. Plus, you can score a free child’s ticket! (See #4 above)
    Legoland California 3
  6. Try something new
    For kids, summer means exploration. It’s learning to ride a bike, taking on a new skill at summer camp or picking up a new hobby. Get the whole family involved to create treasured memories.We recommend SUP Boarding, check out our favorite places to Stand Up Paddle Board in California.
  7. Go on a vacation
    Travel is good for the soul and the brain. Going on vacation as a family gives you the opportunity to grow together. To decompress and to recharge before the school year. Plus, they’re fun!
  8. Have a BBQ
    Fire up the grill and get to cookin’! Summer is the perfect time to invite your friends, neighbors, and family for a BBQ. Check out our BBQ recipes for inspiration.Camping on the Beach
  9. Go Camping or Glamping
    Enjoying a weekend of fresh air under the stars is never a bad idea. Grab a tent and a sleeping bag or take advantage of glamping services. Bond together without the distractions of social media, cell phone signal or wi-fi. Check out our Must Have List for Camping.
  10. Volunteer
    Volunteerism is shown to be just as good for the person volunteering as it is for the recipients of volunteer work. Your family can clean up trash at the local park or beach, fill in at a soup kitchen or shelter.

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