10 Ways You Can Help Hurricane Victims Right Now

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If you aren’t sure where to start, consider some of these charities and organizations for ideas on how to help hurricane victims. 

Does it ever seem like our news cycle has the attention span of a toddler? While every day we are bombarded with new stories from around the globe, it is crucial to remember the people behind these headlines and the very real effects that have changed their lives. With the recent hurricanes that have ravaged the Atlantic Coast, people in Texas, Florida, Puerto Rico and more have had their lives destroyed and even lost.

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Before you hand over your money to any charity, always be sure of their legitimacy, check out charities on Charity Navigator.


Now that the storms are no longer an imminent danger, it may feel like some of the news cycle on the hurricanes has run its course, but the victims have been left with nothing as they try to rebuild their lives. It is up to us to step forward and give where we can. If you aren’t sure where to start, consider some of these charities and organizations for ideas on how to help hurricane victims.

how to help hurricane victims

Give Blood

This small act, that is completely free, can have a huge impact to someone in need. In Puerto Rico, there are only 63 hospitals and only some of these hospitals have generators operating at full power. Many that were in critical condition had to be airlifted off the island to receive the proper medical treatment. A simple blood donation can save someone’s life. Visit the American Red Cross to find your local donation center. 

Plan a Vacation

Many of the areas in the Caribbean affected by recent hurricanes thrive on tourism. In fact, it is often the main and sometimes only source of revenue for the destination and people who live there. One of the best things we can do at this time is simply visit and plan our vacations there. Some of our most favorite destinations in the world were also the hardest hit and could really use our tourism dollars continue to provide income to the businesses and people that may be struggling. For recommendations on where to stay and what to do, please check out our previous Caribbean, Key West and Houston reviews and articles. We have really enjoyed our visits to Puerto Rico, the Bahamas, the Dominican Republic, St. Kitts, ArubaJamaica, Key West and Houston.

what to do in st kitts


When you donate to Americares, you are giving this nonprofit the funds to provide emergency medial supplies as well as basic resources to first responders and others.

Rent Out Your Home On Airbnb

With so many forced to evacuate their homes and many that have no home to return to, they are in need of a place to stay. If you happen to have a rental property or place you can offer to those in need, join the community of hosts that are offering space to evacuees for free.

how to help hurricane victims

Help Our Four Legged Friends

There have been an overwhelming amount of pets that have been affected by the hurricanes, and they need help. Whether you decide to donate money, supplies or even adopt a pet, help give back to these pets that are lost and scared without their homes. You can donate to Austin Pets Alive!, SPCA of Texas and St. Hubert’s Center which has a list of shelters that is taking in pets. You can also visit Best Friends and South Florida Wildlife Center for more opportunities to help pets in need. 

Volunteer for Habitat For Humanity

If you want to actually get your hands dirty, sign up for the Hurricane Recovery Volunteer Registry. When the time comes to start rebuilding, be at the forefront of the efforts and help rebuild homes and neighborhoods. 

Convoy Of Hope

Check out Convoy of Hope and donate or purchase an item from their online store. This charity was started by the Donaldson family after their father was killed by a drunk driver in 1969. The outpouring of help from others inspired them to start their own organization to give people in need. Your donation or purchase will help fund their efforts to provide food and emergency supplies to hurricane victims.

how to help hurricane victims

Help Those With Disabilities

When you donate to charities like Portlight Strategies, you are directly helping those with disabilities. Portlight Strategies was founded in 1997 to help provide services to those with disabilities after events such as natural disasters. They replace medical equipment, rebuild ramping and provide those with disabilities the everyday essentials they need to remain healthy and safe

Check Out GoFundMe

If you prefer to give in a more personal way, look through the listings on GoFundMe and choose to donate to a specific story that speaks to you.

Texas Diaper Bank

Give to the Texas Diaper Bank to help provide diapers as well as goods to infants, children with disabilities and seniors.

Buy From Companies That Give Back 

While most of us give when we can, it is important to support businesses that continually give to charitable causes. When we support such companies our money is always working to help others even when we have reached our own charitable limit. That is why I am proud to be a #KiaMom. Their dedication to serving their customers extends far beyond their cars, and Kia strives to be a staple of support in their communities as well as those in need. I LOVE that they have announced that they are donating $300,000 to the American Red Cross for hurricane relief. Kia Motors America has given $200,000 to the Red Cross for those affected by Hurricane Harvey and Irma and Kia Motors Manufacturing Georgia has also stepped up to pledge $100,000 to the American Red Cross. They are helping provide basic essentials as well as food and supplies to those recovering from the damage caused by the hurricanes.   

Last year we shared a great list of Christmas gift ideas from companies who give back here.

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Remember, before you hand over your money to any charity, always be sure of their legitimacy, check out charities on Charity Navigator.


how to help hurricane victims

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  1. It’s always great to know what we can do. It’s hard to see people struggling and feeling helpless. These are all great ideas for making a difference.

  2. These are all amazing tips. Having just went through a hurricane, I can say having a safe place for pets and opening up your home to pets is a huge help. A lot of people stay behind because they have nowhere for their pets.

  3. This is really great information. There are so many ways we can help right now and do our part to help the community that’s hurting. Glad you shared these tips.


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