2016 kia optima

2016 Kia Optima: International Car of the Year

My 40th birthday month was everything I wanted it to be, filled with travel, family, friends and adventures. The national press launch of the 2016 Kia Optima held in Aspen, Colorado ended up being right smack in the middle of … Read more

outdoor lighting with string lights

10 Ways to Upgrade Your Outdoor Living Space

If you’re anything like me, you love spending time outdoors. There’s something about the fresh air and open space that just feels good. But let’s be honest, your outdoor living space could probably use a little upgrade, right? The typical … Read more

boost energy naturally -  - Easy Ways to Boost Energy Naturally

Easy Ways to Boost Energy Naturally

Life is hectic whether you’re a parent or not, working or not, things always seem to come up. There are plenty of times when we feel exhausted or fatigued and can’t seem to get the wind back in our sails. … Read more

hiking break

10 of the Best First Date Ideas That Aren’t Boring

First dates are usually overloaded with emotions and expectations, which can quickly put an immense amount of pressure on both partners. You want to look good, sound confident, and basically come off as the best version of yourself. Underneath the … Read more

hormonal acne treatment (2)

Treating Hormonal Acne With Spironolactone

Hormones are molecules that send messages through the bloodstream to vital organs and tissue throughout the body. They are responsible for assisting with functions ranging from growth and development to cognitive function and mood. When your hormones become unbalanced, you … Read more

benefits of physical therapy

5 Known Benefits of Physical Therapy

Physical therapy is a vital part of your health care team. Did you know that physical therapy can help with pain relief, improved joint mobility, and increased strength? Are you looking for ways to stay healthy, reach your fitness goals, … Read more

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17 Easy Ways to Start Living a Zero Waste Life

Going green and making efforts towards a more sustainable zero-waste lifestyle is no longer a fad or a trend, it is now the new reality today. With growing concerns about global warming in recent years, it’s time to pitch in … Read more

Adirondacks fall foliage

Top 3 Places to See Fall Foliage in New York

The first thing that may come to your mind at the mention of “New York” might be skyscrapers, crowded streets, and clamoring city-goers.  While that’s a typical assessment of New York City, it’s not a fair description for the state … Read more

dan and darci

Fresh Ways To Keep Kids Engaged this Summer

It is summer! But…is anything really different than it was 3 months ago? While things may be more “open” than they have been in months, many of us are still hanging around home to be cautious. If you are one … Read more

sunset yoga

Tips For Managing Post-Workout Pain And Soreness

Working out feels the best right after you’ve finished–you’re on a high as endorphins have recently flooded your body, you feel good about yourself for what you’ve just done, and you are looking forward to seeing and feeling positive changes … Read more