BBQ Recipe: How to Grill Pizza (Yes, Frozen Pizza Works too!)

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We cook EVERYTHING on the grill. And by everything, I really do mean everything. Our gas BBQ Grill is how we prepare 90% of our meals. In addition to the standard meats (How to Grill the Perfect Cowboy Steak), we love grilling bacon wrapped shrimp, crab legs, lobster, peppers, green beans, artichokes, potatoes, and sandwiches.

Speaking of pizza, we always have our favorite frozen pizza on hand for any given lazy evening. Thing is, we’ve always used the oven. We recently decided oven, shmoven. Let’s fire up the grill and see how this baby cooks up!

We had family in town so it was the perfect excuse to try grilling frozen pizza. We usually buy pepperoni or plain cheese and customize the pizza with our favorite resh toppings. This works really well in the oven, as long as you don’t pile too many on top – it can get soggy in the middle. We love toppings though so we use this pizza oven which is AMAZINGLY fast and creates a perfect crust every time (plus you can cook so many other things on it too!)

But I digress, we’re talking how to grill a frozen pizza here so let’s continue. I chopped up some toppings made a few different types of pizzas to try for our experiment.

how to grill pizza digiorno pizzeria 2

Now the key to grilling pizza is that you need even heat throughout. If you are going to use the bottom rack, you’ll need to put it on low and cook them longer than usual (about 30 minutes) to avoid burning/charring the bottoms. (or you can use aluminum foil to help reduce charring as well). If you find your BBQ doesn’t give even heat and you’re cooking just the bottom, don’t worry. You can finish it off in the oven and it’ll turn out just fine. Even better, invest in a pizza stone – it will give you a nice crisp crust and perfect even heating in both the grill and oven. 

how to grill pizza digiorno pizzeria 3

Personally, I like the quick cook option which is to dial your grill up to high heat and place your pizza on the TOP rack (away from the flames). TIP: The top rack is usually smaller than the bottom, so we just cut the pizza in half. It comes out perfect for me every time this way after about 15-20 minutes (make sure you check on them often). Since we needed to get 3 pizzas cooked at once on the grill, as you can see we ended up doing both methods.

how to grill pizza digiorno pizzeria 4

how to grill pizza digiorno pizzeria 5

So, just a couple Family Fun Day ShotSki’s later and we had some really delicious pizzas that everyone raved about and one more thing to add to our arsenal of favorite family grill recipes.

how to grill pizza digiorno pizzeria 6

how to grill pizza digiorno pizzeria 7

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  1. I love DIGIORNO pizza. I never thought to make it on the grill. Thanks so much for the idea. Will have to try it next time.

  2. Wait! That is a cool idea. I love using my grill…..hmmm let me send the hubby for some DIGIORNO pizzas. Thanks for this idea.


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