Elf On The Shelf

25 Fun Elf on the Shelf Ideas

We haven’t done “Elf on the Shelf” yet but I think we may have to start this year. Not only is it a great way to get the kids to behave (you know he is reporting back to Santa) but … Read more

gabby orcutt 7E29j 4GBNI unsplash

Fall Activities for Families

Are you ready for the fall? If the previous months have been any indication, things will be anything but ordinary. School is back in session, but spikes in new cases have caused some to revert to distance learning and after … Read more

dan and darci

Fresh Ways To Keep Kids Engaged this Summer

It is summer! But…is anything really different than it was 3 months ago? While things may be more “open” than they have been in months, many of us are still hanging around home to be cautious. If you are one … Read more

free editable homeschool template

Free 4th Grade Daily Homeschool Schedule Template

Sample daily homeschool schedule template for 4th grade. Fully editable in Microsoft word and free to download! Customize it for any grade level. You guys. I am NOT an experienced homeschool mom. But due to the recent school closures, I … Read more

man sitting on bench

How to Cheer Up a Bereaved Grandparent

Life gets the best of us sometimes. We suffer a heartbreak, we lose someone we love dearly. When this happens to one of our grandparents, it’s hard to know sometimes how to help. While we might be close to the … Read more

Ways to wrap baby shower gifts

Unique Baby Shower Gift Wrap Ideas

The best baby shower gift wrap ideas are not always easy to find. But we’ve done the work for you! Here’s a list of some great ways to wrap up your next baby shower present that will impress any new … Read more

back to school

How to Help Kids Cope with Back to School Stress

Are your kids stressed? Would you recognize it if they were? As adults we may sometimes be so wrapped up in our own daily stressors we might not recognize when children are suffering from their own stress. A WebMD Survey found that 72% … Read more

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