hobbies for adults

7 Reasons Parents Need a Hobby of Their Own

Has anyone ever told you to get a hobby? There might be a reason for it. Parents are notorious for taking on a lot of activities for their kids, but not really doing much for themselves unless it’s work related. … Read more

Pirate Birthday Party Ideas

Best Pirate Birthday Party Ideas

The best way to host a pirate birthday party is by focusing on the three P’s – pirates, parrot and ‘plunder’. Whether you’re thinking of a just-for-fun weekend activity for the kids or planning the perfect birthday party, we have … Read more

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2 Minute Songs To Brush Your Teeth To

Looking for a good song or playlist for getting your kids to brush their teeth? These two minute songs to brush your teeth to can help make this chore easier, fun, and less stressful. And who doesn’t want that?! Kids … Read more

never give up words of encouragement for kids

83 Words of Encouragement for Kids

Never run out of ideas for words of encouragement for kids again with our list of positive things your kids need to hear you say! Foster a growth mindset and set your child up for success with these positive parenting … Read more

how to survive flying with a toddler

Must Know Tips for Flying with a Toddler

When it comes to flying with a toddler, you can expect things to get a bit turbulent. But with a few tips and tricks we’ve learned along the way, it can easily be a fairly smooth (dare we say enjoyable!?!?) … Read more

fairy birthday party ideas

How To Host A Magical Fairy Birthday Party

If you’re thinking of hosting a magical fairy birthday party and need some fairy party ideas or a bit of inspiration, then read on.  Sparkling pixie dust, enchanted tulips, and a parade of cupcake-holding forest friends would be enough to … Read more

repurpose baby monitor

9 Genius Hacks to Repurpose Baby Monitor

What did parents do before we had baby monitors? I swear if I hadn’t had one I would have never slept. The peace of mind they provide is priceless. Even today as our babies evolve into this walking, talking, little … Read more

fun activities for kids at home this summer

25 Fun Activities for Kids at Home

Coming up with ideas for fun activities for kids at home can be exhausting. Sometimes parents end up paying tons of money for games and toys they see online, when really there are so many free or cheap things to … Read more

dolch sight words printable worksheets

Teaching Your Child to Read with Dolch Sight Words

What are Dolch Sight Words? While there are many different lists of sight words that educators and parents use, Dolch are the most popular. They were developed in the 1930’s-40’s by Dr. Edward William Dolch, based on words that appeared … Read more

camping with kids

5 Essential Camping Hacks with Kids

Camping with kids can be an awesome family activity. Be prepared this summer with our list of essential camping hacks with kids. National Parks, here we come! Summer family camping trips are one of the best ways to solidify family … Read more


10 Rainy Day Activities For Kids This Summer

Warm weather means one thing – summer has arrived! Summer is the perfect opportunity to spend time with family but living in the sunshine state doesn’t mean it’s always sunny. In our part of the state, the majority of days are sunny as … Read more

funny quirks of being a mom

The Laughable Realities of Motherhood

Being a mother is a 24 hours a day, 365 days a year job. It doesn’t stop when they move out, and it begins before they’re born and it lasts way longer than just Mother’s Day. Along the way, you’re … Read more