Trendy Gift Ideas Any Daughter Would Love

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Chances are buying gifts for your little princess was easier when she was younger. A cute outfit, new toy, or book would put a smile on her face. As she gets older and her personality starts to develop more, however, finding the perfect gift can be a little more challenging.

No one wants to gift something that will collect dust on a shelf or in a closet. Whether it’s her birthday, graduation, the holidays, or some other special milestone in your daughter’s life, here is a list of trendy and useful gift ideas she’ll love. 

Home & Bedroom Decor

She is constantly evolving and with that comes new interests and styles. If she’s recently become a teenager, is going off to college, or just bought a home of her own, home decor is a great gift idea.

From a new comforter and sheet set, throw pillows, wall art, desk lamps, or area rugs the options are endless. If you both love shopping for new decor, make a day of it and enjoy the time together finding the amazing new pieces for her room. 

gift ideas for teen daughters

Exercise Gear

Is she a fitness junkie or really into health and wellness? You can surprise her with some new workout gear or class pack to her favorite studio. Maybe she’s saving for something so hasn’t splurged on a great new exercise bra or pair or workout leggings. Thanks to the plethora of stylish athleisure brands she’ll love your gift for the gym and beyond.

A Great New Book

From fiction to life and career advice, if she enjoys reading a few new books by her favorite author is always a great gift idea. If you’re not aware of who her favorite author is, consider buying her a book that will help enhance her life. Personal development books, for example, are great gifts.

The right book can give your daughter guidance on how to evolve as an individual and lead a more fulfilled life. You can head to the bookstore, order books online, or purchase a digital or audiobook which she can download and read or listen to in her spare time.


No matter how old she is or what her interests might be, jewelry is a great gift idea. There are so many different styles, colors, metals, and stones to choose from. Try picking jewelry that compliments your daughter’s personal style.

If she’s more simple and laid-back in the way she dresses, going with a short link necklace and solitaire studs would fit well. If she likes to dress more elaborately go with bold statement pieces or costume jewelry. You can explore rings and more on to get started with your jewelry-buying journey.

Novelty T-Shirts

You may not be able to pick out an outfit that your teenage or adult daughter actually wants to wear, but you can’t go wrong with novelty t-shirts. Very trendy no matter what age, you can find t-shirts with your daughter’s favorite colors, characters, or phrases.

They can be worn with some jeans, and a pair of sneakers or dressed up a bit with a blazer and some heels. So, it’s perfect for any girl.

Wellness Products

For an adult daughter giving her a gift that enhances her physical and mental well-being is a great idea. You can buy aromatherapy candles for her bedroom or house. If your daughter is constantly busy she might enjoy a bath set with bubble bath, salts, and oils for a relaxing experience.

A gift certificate to a massage parlor will also be well appreciated. For women into holistic or alternative approaches to healing, dietary supplements, herbs, or educational materials on holistic healing can catapult their health even further. 

Technology and Accessories

Men aren’t the only people who enjoy and appreciate the gift of technology. There are a lot of technical devices and accessories your daughter could use to simplify her life. If she’s in high school or college or has recently started a business, a laptop makes it easier for her to complete assignments or manage her business remotely.

For daughters who love fitness, a smartwatch that also tracks fitness efforts like steps taken, calories burned, and more can help her monitor and adjust to meet her target goals. 

Teenagers, of course, live on technology. So for a teenage daughter, a sparkly phone case, some wireless headphones, or a wireless charger would work as the perfect gifts. If she’s really into tech and always up on the latest devices, however, it may be better to give her a gift card to her favorite tech store or app. This way, you don’t duplicate buying her something she already has.

gift ideas for teen daughters

Mother-Daughter Vacation

If you have the budget to swing for it, taking your daughter on a trip is a gift she’ll treasure forever. The older she gets the harder it is to get time alone with her. This trip gives you both uninterrupted time to talk, try new things, and create new memories. A road trip, weekend girlfriend getaway, or simple staycation are all affordable and easy to plan. 

Yoga retreats are nice trip ideas for daughters who are into health, looking to improve their health or simply need some rest and relaxation. A trip to a metropolitan city like New York or Las Vegas is an ideal gift for a daughter who loves to shop, party, and have a good time.

If the two of you have never been out of the country, why not plan an international trip or go on a cruise and visit several tropical destinations? Talk with your daughter about her interests and her availability so you can plan a vacation she can really indulge in while spending quality time with mom.  

It’s crazy how the older your daughter gets the less you understand about what she wants or likes. Unfortunately, this means buying her a gift she’ll actually use and appreciate isn’t as easy as it used to be. If you’re having a difficult time figuring out what to get your daughter for a special occasion (or just because), don’t fret. Going with meaningful gift ideas like those described above will put a smile on your little girl’s face.