I LOVE bento boxes. Browsing the web the other day I came across a ton of really fun Halloween bento box ideas! What a perfect way to make your child’s (or husband’s?) Halloween lunch a little more fun and put a smile on their face.

Halloween Bento Box Ideas

What is a Bento Box?

A bento box is a specifically designed container to hold lunch for one person with individual compartments (great for those who have issues with food touching other food!), and sometimes even multiple tiers designed for rice or noodles and several side dishes. It is a way of packaging food that is compact, balanced and visually appealing, all in a cute little box! Bento boxes can range from a simple Ziploc divided container to insulated stainless steel boxes.

Halloween Bento Box Ideas

I am in love with using bento boxes. My son started pre-school this year and its quite a tearful experience. Bento boxes make lunch a fun experience for all of us.  I love them because they are reusable and allow me to easily pack a wide variety of foods for my son to enjoy. In my opinion, it makes packing a healthy lunch easier because it kind of becomes a fun challenge to pack as many colors and textures as I can into their box (There are even bento box recipe books to help you create  fun and well balanced bento style meals).

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Mostly, it’s a creative way for my son to know I am thinking of him while she is away at school.  I take a little extra time to make him lunch a little extra creative and cute and he looooves it! Sometimes it is as simple as drawing a face on his sandwich with a food marker, but on days when I am feeling up to it, he loves to see what cute things I can come up with for his lunch. Here are some fun ideas for your Halloween bento!

Halloween Bento Ideas

Halloween Bento Box Ideas

I love the pretzel + fruit roll up little brooms in this one! Those are some pretty ticked looking grape witches as well.

Halloween Bento Box Ideas

The apple ghosts? Brilliant. And the baybel cheese jack-o-lantern – cute! Perfect way to make a simple lunch more fun with a food marker.

Halloween Bento Box Ideas

Frankenkiwi! So creative, and I love the idea to use a muffin tin as your bento for eating at home or a picnic nearby.

I am amazed at how creative people can be, aren’t these bento lunch ideas great? What are some of your Halloween Bento Box Ideas?

halloween bento box ideas

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  1. These Halloween Bento Box ideas are really very interesting and looking very adorable you are a creative man thank you for sharing and keep sharing such kinds of articles thanks.

  2. Thanks for letting me know about the Adorable Halloween Bento Box ! I liked up a Bento Box . I thought it is a good message for children and I hope it is inspiring, too!

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